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I am a professional photographer and videographer (and editor!) with over 15 years experience, specializing in "damsels in distress" and horror-based themes, although I also do fashion, art nudes, pinups and other themes. I've worked with over 350 models during the course of my career. If you want to work with me, I'm based in the Boston, Massachusetts, USA area. Much of my work, especially for quicksand scenes, is paid, but I am also open to working with new models at no charge to help them build up their portfolios. I mainly do photography as a creative outlet - plus I enjoy working with talented and creative folk. [last updated 16 June 2020]

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The Thing (John Carpenter's version);
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Anything sci-fi
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I have an amazing number of damsel-in-distress images; over 10,000 for just quicksand alone. And I'm wondering what to do with them, many of which have never been edited. One thought is to re-edit some of my most popular and offer them as 8"x12" or other, similar, large-size, 300 dpi photos, which you could download and print. I've uploaded one image - just to test this process. It features Mae Bea Jones, waist deep in thick, natural, bottomless mud/quicksand. This image is 11x11 inches, versus 8x12. Another is to create a large archive and then sell that - e.g. what about purchasing everything I've shot featuring models caught in spider webs. All those unedited photos. For personal use/viewing. The idea of selling certain sets is less of an attraction for me; mostly because it is time consuming to pull the sets together, annotate & price them. And then make sure the photos are of a "good enough" quality without having to edit each individual photo. I'm just not
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5 votes
No, regardless of what the price is.
Yes, depending on price.
Yes, but I want larger than 8"x12" images (at least 300dpi).
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If you follow my Twitter account (@MichaelL_photo), you'll see that I have had a busy August, shooting new quicksand content with some fabulous models. Not as many as most years, due to the pandemic, but more than I had originally thought would happen. And I just might be able to get some done in September, too. You've like noticed the new photos - thanks to some support from patrons, I was able to get more jungle vines, plants and other props to make the quicksand spot much more realistic. I also used a new, finer grained, granulated cork for this season. Works quite well. Alas, I could not get the mud/peat pit built. The effort to do it this year - given how few shoots I was originally planning - did not make the effort worthwhile. If things improve, then I'll have one for the 2021 Season. Please ask about where to purchase the videos. Check out https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/146511/soft-dangers-visual-productions and https://www.clubmpv.com/age_verify/ to find my
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Thanks for the fave :)

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Thanks for the fav! 🤗

Thanks for the fave :)

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Thanks for the faves!

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