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My Bio

I am a professional photographer and recently retired fetish videographer (and editor!) with over 15 years experience, specializing in "damsels in distress" and horror-based themes, although I also do fashion, art nudes, pinups and other themes. I've worked with over 400 models during the course of my career. I'm based in the Boston, Massachusetts, USA area. While my quicksand, vore, spiderweb and other fetish projects are now over, I do expect to continue with fashion, art nude, nature, and horror themed photography, as I mainly do photography as a creative outlet - plus I enjoy working with talented and creative folk. Occasionally, I may do new damsel projects, in the future. [last updated 3 September 2022]

Favourite Movies
The Thing (John Carpenter's version);
Favourite TV Shows
Anything sci-fi
I've taken a pause from photography this past winter, mostly resting up, but also doing a bit of travel (recently visited Ireland). There have been some health issues, too - getting old is not fun. But, I could be worse off, so not really a complaint, just an observation. I do hope to start some fashion photography and some nature-themed projects in April onwards. Many of you know me for my damsel-in-distress work...do not worry, I will still do some of this in the coming months, although more towards pinup and film-noir combinations. I like creativity and hope to combine a number of styles - see how they pan out. Experimentation is how I like to learn. And while officially retired from fetish video work, I may(!) do an occasional new scene - mostly to try new techniques, camera angles, etc. Luckily, I have a number of talented & professional models nearby, who are still open to working with me. Thanks, everyone, for your support over these years. It is greatly
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As of today, 3rd September 2022, I am retired as a fetish producer. The main announcement is on my Twitter feed (michaell_photo). This means that I will not be shooting new quicksand, vore, bondage, spiderweb, etc. content in the future. I do have a backlog of material to release - should take 9-12 months to get through all that. However, I still plan on being a photographer - I have lots of material to post here in the future (from recent projects) and I'll be creating brand new themes (mostly fashion, horror, art nude & pinup) for the future. Stay tuned. Michael
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Summer 2022

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Well, this has been an up and down year. My energy and productivity are linked to my bipolar mental illness. Most of this past year has been "slow" with little posted - that is my depressive state speaking. Recently, I've editing 4 new videos (see my Twitter feel for that info), plus brand new shoots and lots of photo editing - that is my manic side speaking. I'm never quite sure when one state of mind will swing to the other, or sometimes stay "in between." I expect, hopefully, to get more photos, etc. up to share over the next couple of weeks. Quicksand Season 2022 has also started, with a new mud pit. I've got about 10 models lined up this summer, which might be my last. I am getting older, and the work involved with shooting this type of content requires a younger body, alas. We'll see. One day at a time. Enjoy life everyone. We never know how long it will be. Peace & health, too. Michael 23 July 2022 7:50pm my local time on a hot, hot day
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