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March 7, 2018
Blue Bird Lamentation by michaellam
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Blue Bird Lamentation

Artwork done for a Cipher's Silence, a Zero Escape fan remix album by Happy30. (Preview link:

I don't want to point out what exactly this is in the title, it'll spoil the twists for people who might be interested in the game. As for those who know what the title refers to and what's in the painting, you're pretty awesome.
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beautiful and sad ... 
Man been browsing finally found something interesting. Will check out profile.
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This is depressing 
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Awesomely designed. Says so much about life, death, the human condition, the human experience, the loss of a loved one and the mystery of what truly makes a human or mechanical android either a real human or a real sentient being. 

Marvelous! ^^
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I just found this and I was like "wait it seems familiar" then I read the title "I knew it". This piece is gorgeous hhgnnn ;V; ZE needs more content
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So... how does this robot work? Is there supposed to be a cosmetic covering, or is this a hardskinned design? The nose is hard, there is no ear canal and the eye sockets are narrowed, so it seems to be hardskinned - but the exposed teeth and exposed wiring seem to indicate a missing cover. But then again the shoulder seems to be rotating in the socket rather than fixed on a yoke and there is what looks to be like a ventilation slot on the side of the chest, but which would work better on a hard design. Is this a hybrid, perhaps? Soft above the shoulders with a hard or plate-covered body? So curious!

But, one does not need to be a robot enthusiast who asks too many questions to enjoy work as great as this.
Well done.
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There is in fact a covering meant to look like skin, it's disintegrated here. I would assume (if this is true to the game design) that the ears are just for show. But yeah, she was designed to seem human to others. Almost to see if they could tell the difference. Oh, and they also have blood for some reason. I'm not sure why, because it's white... so it's not to fool anyone.
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Ah! That would explain it, thank you.
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oh god why did I look up this image ;_;
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The amount of details and hard work in this piece is absolutely breath-taking. You portrayed the ambiance and subject perfectly, I cannot help being overwhelmed by Zero Escape feelings at the sight of your artwork...
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My heart is confused. This artwork is of superb quality, yet at the same time it's super sad... :(
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/deepest bow to the character
/another one for the artist ^_^
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This looks amazing! 
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