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Thor - Odin and Sleipnir

Now, (almost) a week after the successful release of "Thor" it's time to show some of the stuff I've been working on 2 years ago!
It's been a great time working with a very talented and even nicer group of people.
Hope you guys enjoyed the movie as much as I did.
As a start, here's a concept of Odin on Sleipnir, his eight legged horse.

On May 21 I will be at Gallery Nucleus for an artist panel and book signing together with my fellow artists who also worked on "Thor":

Charlie Wen
Ryan Meinerding
Vance Kovacs

See you there!…

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GaborTuri's avatar
Absolutely beautyful
Dandroaspis's avatar
Sleiphnir was well drawn, i must say.
I was wondering if I could use this picture on my blog, I'm making a list of mythological creatures and I would like to use this picture to illustrate Sleipnir
GuesssWho9's avatar
Fucking Odin.

Does this mean that Loki's children are all real in-universe? Because if so it's a miracle he didn't snap sooner.
fohatoniz's avatar
excelent work. thank you. congratulations.
AshleyOfJotunheim's avatar
I did know... it was a joke...
SomeKindaSpy's avatar
That's always where Sleipnir was after Loki birthed him. He became Odin's mount. Did you not know that?
AshleyOfJotunheim's avatar
Sleipnir... What are you doing.
Russell-Reyes's avatar
otherwise known as "Bonding with Grandpa"
ZombieADarren's avatar
This is truly stunning. It almost looks realistic. 

BrutalityInc's avatar
I always wondered how can this horse even run. 
GingerLisous's avatar
so technically he's riding...on his grandson 0_0
Chamaeleonidas's avatar
Behold the light of Truth and Harmony
BushyBashai's avatar
Oh geez. I looked at this after drinking and the extra legs really threw me off. x_x Awesome stuff.
CostumesbyCourtney's avatar
I know the movie is called 'Thor' but seeing Odin in action, with Sleipnir no less, was amazing, there should have been more of that.
I love this picture, it really captures Odin in all this glory.
attila-the-honeypie's avatar
Also his grandson XD

Squirrelfl1ght4evr's avatar
Am I the only one seeing Sleip's extra leg there? hahah
TheMightyJanxx's avatar
That awkward moment when you realize that Odin is LITERALLY riding his grandson.....
DarkDecor's avatar
Only in Comic Lore, and it is sad. In the Norse Mythos, Loki is not among Odin's children, but is his blood-oath brother and of no blood relation beyond that oath ritual. Loki has no blood ties to the Aesir until he has two sons by the Aesir woman Sigyn. Your comment, however, was awesome. lol
TheMightyJanxx's avatar
lol I was just going by the information that most believe from the Thor and Avengers movie. When I read more about the mythology later, I realized that I was wrong. :D
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