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The Jungle Book: Bagheera concept

The movie is nothing short of mesmerizing. Thanks to Brigham Taylor, Jon Favreau, Christopher Glass, Andrew R. Jones, Neel Sethi and all the other amazingly talented folks for the birth of a modern classic.

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Fantastic Rendering of Bagheera! Keep it up Michael!

Gosh I need a wallpaper of this *-*
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Oh, it is perfect Love I love it!
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Incredible character to that face.  I feel like I know that guy.
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Perfect!!! Amazing expression!!!Love Nod +fav 
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Movie was really fun. Bagheera was my favorite!! :D
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Great work! I'm impress about your sens of details! How much hours do you have spend for finalise this artwork? 
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very well drawn.
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Wow, what a gorgeous portrait!! :nod:
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You've nailed the almost iridescent colours of the fur perfectly!
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Wow. Very emotive! Congratulations!
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I really love the design.  The only thing that seems off is the pupils.  I have a hybrid cat and the only time I see him with round pupils is when he's getting ready to pounce something and even then his pupils are very large not small.  When he's just relaxed his pupils are pointed, sometimes only slits if the sun is really bright.  Anywho, what do I know ^^  I love the subtle spots across his pelt.
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Big cats (lions, leopards, tigers, etc.) actually do have round eyes unlike their smaller domestic brethren.  The slit eyes in domestic cats help in judging distance apparently.  This article explains the difference in more detail: NPR Eyes Shapes of the Animal World.  Really cool right?  :D
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:D well I'm not too big to admit when I'm wrong.  Thank you for the link.  I guess I have just never seen pictures of big cats with small round pupils.
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Did you have to stick to a random panther design, or did you have specific instructions? There's "something" that hit me with the eyes and the mouth but I can't tell what... *^*
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Beautiful, love the character concept. 
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you need to work on your rendering dude
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are you trolling?  Cause your CG isn't so great that you should be offering any criticism and rudely at that.
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'' keyboard warrior '' much ? joke couldn't be any more obvious, hold ur lances Lancelot
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