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Oz the Great and Powerful - Theodora Riding Outfit

Costume design for Theodora's riding outfit. This is the artwork that convinced Sam Raimi to entrust me with the challenging task of designing most of the costumes for the film. My drawings and ideas served as a guide for Gary Jones, my co-designer who injected his magic to bring them to life with the help of the talented people in the costume department.

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I love the neutral green color that you implemented into the background with a welcoming focal point of the visage and the light green color on the right. The reflection on the calm water gives it depth. The atmosphere is alive, and quaint. Charming costume. Inspires me to be a costume designer! 
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the face looks strange. not like Milas do. Not pretty enough.
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well it's a concept art for the film. maybe this was created before they cast Milas for this film.
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Crazy good stuff, check me out for my animation and abstract development.
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ah oh my gosh the only thing i love this design is the coat and at! :D its awesome and love how the film looked with designs like these ^^
Love it!
You are soo talented and I wish I had your job and talent!
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Superior and superb. What more need be said?
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When I was watching the movie in the theater, me and my brother had already realized that it was Jackie form the 70s show, so when Oz and her started making out, my brother whispered to me, "Ooh, Kelsos gonna be mad!"
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I love your work, the outfits in this movie are fantastic :love:
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Do you do these in painter? I love the traditional look of your work!
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I saw the movie tonight and I must say this was one of my favorites of all the ladies costumes.
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beautiful!! just beautiful
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Amazing as always man and I love how this image has such a traditional look. :)
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Elegant character, I like it! :)
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Great piece of work!!
Thanks for sharing...
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I really love how Theodora looks in the movie. :)

Actually, I love all the designs I've seen in Oz. every character is stunning in their own way. especially the witches. :)
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I :heart: it :D I love how, asides from the jacket and hat, the outfit is something girls would actually wear, whereas the jacket + hat add an otherwordly touch, although if you looked hard enough you might find such elements in stores :D I love the redish pinkish colour too, it makes the outfit look more lively, kinda like Theodora is at this point in her life.

Although in this scene she's chanelling a Goblin King sort of stance :D Were you by any chance inspired by David Bowie?
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Nicely done!! (I saw the movie yesterday!)
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Wow!!!! Love it! :love:
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Wow, your an actual designer? Cool. I like your work.
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