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Oz - Glinda Celebration Dress

Costume design concept for Glinda's celebration dress in Oz the Great and Powerful. I was experimenting with blending historical references and contemporary fashion. Even if it's a fantastical world, we wanted to make sure things were balanced, it can easily happen that you get a cosplay feel if you go too crazy with your imagination.

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nice drawing. she looks great.
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I love the design so much! It reminds me so much of the Glinda illustrations that I've seen in the books, yet a totally new design. Definitely the best interpretation of her outfit I've seen (as much as I like the one Billie Burke wears).
And this is a beautiful rendering. :)
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Astounding piece of work!
Thanks for sharing...
Featured in Daily Inspirations at [link]
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Beautiful Dress, brilliant concept art!
Great work, delightful dress!
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beautiful work!!!
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Amazing design, I love how imaginative it is, it has a familer feeling about like the 39 film, but also looks more like it lifted some elements form the book. The crown with the feather's sticking up is very cute and Oz-Like. AMAZING Job Micheal Keep it up. I'd love to see you work on a doctor who film.
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Just saw the movie... so gooooood
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OMG that is gorgeous :D I am so glad to see how it looks like, since its hard to see during the movie what the full effect of the dress is :D
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No Words , you are the Master
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Amazing work! :clap:
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i prefer this one!
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Beautiful, majestuous and elegant !
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This is fantastic!Picture is beautiful, fashionable and magical.
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how come its not super 3d rendered like your usual stuff?
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Hi I really love your stuff!
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fascinating, although at any moment did you consider going with the pink fairy wing original design?
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Oh cool a Oz the Great and Powerful art =D it's so lovely I love how realistic it looks =D I love that movie, just saw it last Saturday ^^ what I liked about the movie was the costume designs and the CGI effects xD
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