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Maleficent Costume Concept

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Maleficent: Maleficent Costume Concept. I did this at the very beginning of the production, before I started working on some of the creatures. It's heavily based on the iconic costume in the original animated feature. I really like the final design which we can see in the movie though.

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Wow! this looks SOOOOOO much better than what ended up in the actual film.
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This is original nice work
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Love this concept design. The movie design was not my favorite. Then again the movie was not my favorite, I would have love to see a more traditional look for Maleficent like this one.
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Simply wonderful!!
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She does have so cruel a grace.
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Finally, the GOOD Maleficent!
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yes the final design was awesome but this has the iconic purple, it might be softer looking but i think that in the movie- this actually fits her better.
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Very nicely done !!
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Your work has been featured on my group DesignYourDreams :) : here !
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You're brilliant x
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certainly badass
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This drawing alone is fantastic.  But to see this as an actual costume would be awesome!   I know this Halloween I am probably going to see many Maleficent costumes because of the movie.  Heck, I would even like my wife to dress up as Maleficent!

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I wish at least one of the costumes had gone this direction.
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I wasn't too crazy about the reveal that Maleficent now has real horns... I always pictured that as some sort of head dress.  I haven't seen the new film yet, though, so maybe it makes more sense in context.  I think the new design overall fits a live-action version of the character when she's in her robes, but you can never beat the 50's animated style, and I would have loved to have seen something like this concept on screen!
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I really wish the film had kept this (green skin and all)...although I'm glad you went with what you did. Wonderful work, as always!
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Whoa, I thought it was cosplay! Looks so much more real than cosplay! Wonderful! Clap

Do you take requests?
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This looks amazing!:D

How long did you sit on this one?
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