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Jupiter Ascending: Kalique

Jupiter Ascending: Another early vis dev of Kalique.

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amazing art! I wished they'd risked a bit more on the concepts, and the movie might not have been well recieved but I cherish it as a constant inspiration to try and make great art like yours!
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lovely like all of your works
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I really prefer this to what they went with in the movie. The almost-plantlike textures and patterns really give her a stunning appearance.
jennystokes's avatar
Extraordinary art...............exceptionally well done.
TFSakon's avatar
I just love it. Amazing design fascinating colouration. Really inspires me.
Great fusing of that medieval splendour with the futuristic forms and shapes. Cool use of colour for the opulence as well. I really like that palate. The pale green gives it that alien pristine feel. If it were maybe a royal blue, something Egyptian it would feel much earthier much more natural.
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Excellent art and design. Shame it had to be in this movie, but you've probably heard that a lot. Sorry.
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The design bears no resemblance to the final character as seen in the film, who is - to all intents and purposes - an ordinary-looking human woman. And I don't think any concept artist who worked on Jupiter Ascending should be remotely ashamed of it or their participation in the project. It's an absolutely gorgeous film with more imagination and invention evident in its first 10 minutes than most films display in their entire runtimes. I frickin' love it, and it annoys me to see the talented artists who worked on the film constantly being given condolences for having worked on it.
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... You... Have seen the movie, right? 

Well, I'm just glad the check cleared and you don't think you wasted your time and talent on it.
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I couldn't finish watching the movie, but the art department wasn't the problem. It was obviously the script.
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I agree. The script was the problem. All that interesting art production gone to waste.
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Love your art! But the movie was like a long Demo Reel with no plot.. shame :(
This is a rather entertaining outfit. 
TheLastUnicornLives's avatar
God damn, this is so cool! I love that hair!
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