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Empire Total War Grenadier

GameStar cover-artwork for the SEGA/ Creative Assembly game "Empire: Total War". Completely done in Photoshop and Painter. I got some reference for the costume by CA's art department. Used myself as a reference for the pose and face (I did some poses with a hoovertube:) ).
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Dear MIchael. Hello. My name's Dave. I'm making a VR film for the Scottish National Heritage trust about the battle of Culloden. It's an educational film (not commercial) for them to allow people who can't visit the site to learn about the Jacobites. I'm really struggling to find images of british soldiers i can use. And then I found yours. Please could you allow us to use your image. As I said, it's not a commercial project. it's an educational one. I've found all the images so far on Wikipedia. I would be incredibly grateful if you could consider this. If it's already under licence, would I need to alter it significantly to make it useable? Great work, btw. Many thanks. Dave

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of what country this soldier?
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English through and through. 

One of the buff howards. 
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I remember those pose photos   :)   Great pic!
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I got something even more stronger than that…
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I like more when people draw stuff like this rather than fantasy stuff
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Wow it's really awesome!
It's a Polish Grenadier?
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Unquestionably British!
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There is a white horse --> Hanover
but redcoats?
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Hanover was allied with the British because one of their rulers was in the Royal family of Great Britain.
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That is just awesome!
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Great work, great perspective!
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Never mind, but he does look like the character in this game about Napoleon, But wait that one also says total war, I'm confused which is which. Ok never mind(just so you'll know I'm writing this as i went researching,) well anyways i see that total war is a game in general, but now they got a Napoleon Total War game, and this dude almost looks like him, pretty cool.
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Was this for that napoleon game?
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Brilliant work!!
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my favorite infantry unit!!! Their grenades can scare off an entire infantry company!
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Pretty amazing work on the clothing details :)
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amazing piece indeed
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look at this textures, welldone buddy
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