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Christopher Robin: Owl Character Design

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Did you really worked on the Christopher Robin movie?
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What type of owl is Owl?
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This is brilliant!! Very beautiful

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you seriously fooled me with this shot. I thought this was a real photo wow!
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Really nice design. Too bad Rabbit and Owl weren't on screen more!
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Wow, I love his expression <3
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insane skill, how much did it take to do it ?
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brilliant <33
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I knew this was going to be Owl from Christopher Robin the moment I saw his face ;)

Incredible stuff!
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That's crazy good! :heart:
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It's like it's judging me
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This is so cool!
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beautifully fluffy! I really like his face though, that expression is just perfect.
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:) Though I do wish they have Andre Stojka or even Mike Grady(Who can do a good impression of Andre) played as Owl. Toby Jones was alright, but like the 2011 film, why can't we just use the actors we've used for most of the previous films.(Minus John Fiedler and Paul Winchell since they've sadly passed on. Even Ken Samson in 2012)
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because they think big name stars equals box office
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True because voice actors are "Heard and not seen." Which is why many of them are still not that well known to the general public besides fans.
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the studios need to realize that the era of the movie star is over
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Well obviously that's why Speilburg felt a dark age would soon come, mostly to the fault of name recognition of the actors and high marketing.
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