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This is a commissioned piece I did for "Neo York", a collaborative art book project by Freestyle Collective www.freestylecollective.com/ and IdN idnworld.com/books/ , to be released in the next couple of months. Completely done in Corel Painter X. I truly believe that an artwork should speak for itself, it has to work even if the viewer doesn't read an instruction manual or the biography of the artist.
Curious about your interpretations of the image!

Edit: Many thanks to :icononefreeinternet: and :icontaenaron: for the DD! And also big thanks to all the people who took the time to write all those amazing little stories around the image, it was such a cool experience to read through them!

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Nice to see abit of that red, white and vlue peeking through.
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A powershot mixed with a massive pack of positive energy has been

delivered directly with this piece, I can feel my hands vibrating from

the impact. Wonderful job, you just keep up with the stellar work.

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By the year 3026, Great Danes have been selectively bred to monstrous proportions. Up ahead of these guys, out of view, is the worlds largest dog. He's roughly the size of a Brontosaurus, and his name's Muhammad. And these guys are taking him out for walkies. Guess what's in the bags.
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Amazing detail.
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They have hundreds of balloons on their backs... so, they are going into the stratosphere and landing on a city in the clouds. :)
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Let's see. The scene probably depicts a futuristic setting (judging by the nature of the buildings), but at the same time poverty and harshness of life is also present - a cruel weather, and the constructions don't seem especially well ventilated. The cigarette that the foreground figure smokes points to the low living standards, his build and the weight he carries on his back suggest a hard working person, and the number of satchels he attaches to his clothes make it clear that this man is not doing this job for the day, but rather has been doing it for a long time and is quite efficient at it. Another point to notice here is the number of people present in the background, all of which seem to be doing the same thing. My best guess is that this man right here is a lost astronaut, maybe after a mission gone awfully wrong he found himself in this harsh planet, and with no clear way out of this trouble he decided to switch jobs, and be more useful as a human carrier - a job well paid since goods are hard to transfer by vehicles on this icy ground, and no other life forms are up to the challenge.
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MAXIMUM WIN...SO REAL!!!..did Final Fantasy VII Advent Children has inspired you?
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this Is AWESOME!
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Hey, I have an online short story series (sci fi), and my friend and I are wanting to turn it into an animation project, would you be interested?
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Never mind, it appears you are a professional artist and I doubt as a student I could afford you haha :P
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i always imagine the buildings to be an industrial facility...something to do with air conditioning. i think that the characters are civilian rather than military. I think they're heading somewhere warm because he doesn't look like he's enjoying the weather. the bags look like shopping bags with clothes in, because nothing sharp is poking out of them. and for some reason i don't think they're on planet earth.

i think its really interesting that you used painter X for the whole image. I may re-consider my next purchase. :)
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your picture is my inspire: [link]
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A dim, worn-out world. The only way to survive is to move.
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Amazing. Definitely one of my favourite works on deviantART.
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awesome... nice idea...looking the another planet like just the another city...
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well, i am just a fan..
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Really amazing! Especially the name!
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i have to say this in spanish.. MARDICIONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN de cachuo esta esa verga o.o... hahaha awesomeeeeeee
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