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Alice - Knave of Hearts 3

An earlier costume concept of the Knave of Hearts for Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland".
His head is proportionally smaller on purpose.

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"If you're hiding her, you'll lose your heads."
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This level of realism dumbfounds me every time I see your art work...
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Even the ground looks realistic! You are very, very talented. :3
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I in love with him :heart: Great work!
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It's just about unlivable how real you can make it, but the head, I swear thats a real head put on the painting. Is that what it is? I would understand since this is concept and it would make it easier to make different costumes if you just used his real head over and over.
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How anybody can draw like this?!
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amazing!! it's so beautiful!
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wtf is wrong with the old european costumes...
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You certainly are very talented. As vydobilis this skill? Thank you in advance))
kefirchik's avatar
Terrific))) How long have you been doing painting and creating concepts?
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hahaha he looks really funny in that armor now that i notice it now
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What a qualtity
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highly badass...
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Though there are many things that I like about this portrait, the half-cape's "back-side-of-a-playing-card" design stands out in particular. A fantastic idea.
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brilliant,love the look of it.
Kollateralschaden's avatar
Even though the movie was very disapointing, the costumes and the design in general were awesome!
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The Knave doesn't get enough love, in my opinion. I love this concept though! I'm SO in love with the detail! Kudos to you! :heart:
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You have the talent! Thanks for sharing!
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Hi ...Dear ... michaelkutsche ...!!!
Your Fantastic Art work
... Alice - Knave of Hearts 3
is featured in Action-Portraits...!!!.... In One Word...MAGNIFICIENT...!!!
if you don't mind...:heart:.............................................."This is an invitation to Joint... Just in case if you are not in already ...!!!"
best regards.....................You're most welcome in Action-Portraits...!!! :iconaction-portraits:
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Very cool,u are seriously lucky to do a movie,It's so diffrent from the movie I saw,what tips u give for a future concept artist like me?
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Amazing work!!! :clap:
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