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Alice - Executioner Concept

Final design of the Executioner for Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland".
I guess I should upload stuff more frequently, but there's too many projects which are EATING up my time and all the stuff I've been doing since Alice is still under disclosure...
Anyway, hope everyone is well!

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Dude i really love the club that he carries
TheDarkHeretic's avatar
Really cool concept :) !
Fabiana-Farcas's avatar
this is very impressive 
awesome work=]
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Impresionant, creative and very artistic work...Congrats.
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cellolott's avatar
nice indeed!
Your work on 'alice' is marvellouz.
Owlchap's avatar
This guy was great! It's a shame he didn't have more of an appearance in the movie, but I doubt there'd be a reason for him to, anyways.
ThyagoHills's avatar
Oh! You're now one of my fav digital artists!

Which pen tablet do you used?
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Nice! Love the facemask and that axehead. ;)
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wish this was in alice madness returns...would've been awesome...
Raiderhater1013's avatar
This is so may epic levels of awesome here!
diaperedDraco's avatar
O___O I love this.
giratinium's avatar
Wow, this is awesome! I particularly like his weapon; it looks so ominous and painful... until you realize it's in the shape of a heart. Pfft.
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This is amazing and sooooo AWESOME!!! Great job!
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powerful art
TOMATATA's avatar
i like your art
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