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Tim Burton Batman Villains Art Designs Part 1 by StevenEly
Batman Returns Catwoman 363 by djmpaz
Terrorist Batman Terrorizes Criminals by StevenEly
Smash the Axis: Register and Vote Democratic! by StevenEly
Censorship by StevenEly
Old yet not that bad, right?... by Alan-the-leopard
Batman's Attempts at Killing Off the Joker Part 2 by StevenEly
Batman's Attempts at Killing Off the Joker Part 1 by StevenEly
Bruce Wayne
Wayne Armory Marble Hall by StevenEly
Bruce Wayne Profile by StevenEly
Keaton's Bruce Wayne based on Kane, Robinson art by StevenEly
Bruce Wayne by StevenEly
Wayne Manor
Wayne and Wayne Manor Grandfather Clock by StevenEly
Wayne Manor by StevenEly
Alfred Pennyworth
Michael Gough's Alfred - Historical Alfred by StevenEly
Alfred Michael Gough by StevenEly
Alfred model sheet by StevenEly
The Batcave by StevenEly
Batwing Batplane
The (Bat)man and his awesome personal vehicles. by Alan-the-leopard
My childhood dreamkit. by Alan-the-leopard
The Batwing by Alexbadass
Batmobile Batmissile Cocoon Shields
Batmobile shield mode (Batman Returns) by Alexbadass
The Batmissile by Alexbadass
The Batmobile by Alexbadass
Batmobile - Tim Burtons Batman by FabledCreative
Batskiboat Batboat
The Batskiboat from Batman Returns by Alexbadass
Gotham City Police Department
Commissioner Gordon Pat Hingle by StevenEly
Commissioner Gordon model sheet by StevenEly
Gotham City Government Officials
We'll Shed the Light of the Law Unto You, Apollo! by StevenEly
Gotham City
New York City is the real Gotham City: Statues by StevenEly
Richard Grayson Robin planned for Batman 89
I Want You to Treat Him as If He Were Me, Alfred! by StevenEly
Car Mechanic "the Kid" planned for Batman Returns
Marlon Wayans: Well, at least I got to meet Batman by StevenEly
Catwoman Selina Kyle
Pfeiffer's Catwoman based on Norm Breyfogle art by StevenEly
Vicki Vale
I'm Here to See Wildlife in Gotham City! Cats! by StevenEly
Gotham Globe Newspaper

Mature Content

In the Immortal Words of Alexander Knox... by StevenEly
Max Shreck and Chip Shreck
Chip Shreck model sheet by StevenEly
The Joker Jack Napier
Daddys Going to Make Some Art! by StevenEly
The Penguin Oswald Cobblepot
DeVito's Penguin based on Dick Sprang art by StevenEly
The Joker's Goons
Joker's Goons Jackets by StevenEly
The Red Triangle Circus Gang
The Red Triangle Circus by StevenEly
Kat as Catwoman by StevenEly
Danny Elfman Bernard Herrmann style
Michael Keaton's Batman Theme by StevenEly
Prince psychedelic rock-funk
Batdance by funky23
Siouxsie and the Banshees ambient electro art-rock
Siouxsie and the Banshees Catwoman Ballroom Theme by StevenEly
Sequel and Prequel concepts
3rd Armed and Dangerious Psychotics model sheet by StevenEly
We Dodged Bullets from 1980-1985
Batman Directed by Joe Dante 1985 Movie Concept by StevenEly
Val Kilmer's George Clooney's Batman was a Parody
Vale: And What Do YOU Do for a Living? by StevenEly
Adam West's Batman was a parody comedy
Silver Age Era DC by StevenEly
Bale's was more like Bond
Kim Basinger's Vicki Vale: I Am Doing My Job! by StevenEly
Affleck's is more like Nite Owl
Affleck Bruce Wayne: What Falls is Fallen! by StevenEly
Gregory Peck 1940s-1950s concept
The Joker Richard Widmark by StevenEly
Clint Eastwood 1960s-1970s concept
Well, Do You, Punk? by StevenEly
Batman: The Animated Series
BTAS Batman Returns Catwoman by Alexbadass
So similar yet so different. by Alan-the-leopard


Kitty by Lost-in-decay Kitty :iconlost-in-decay:Lost-in-decay 474 48 Michael vs Jack by CreativeCamArt Michael vs Jack :iconcreativecamart:CreativeCamArt 41 4 The Batwing by Alexbadass The Batwing :iconalexbadass:Alexbadass 78 4 The Batmissile by Alexbadass The Batmissile :iconalexbadass:Alexbadass 49 6 Batmobile shield mode (Batman Returns) by Alexbadass Batmobile shield mode (Batman Returns) :iconalexbadass:Alexbadass 37 9 Batman Returns unmasked by Alexbadass Batman Returns unmasked :iconalexbadass:Alexbadass 40 1


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Dedicated to preserving our authentic Batman heritage. This is a group for fans of the Golden Age inspired classic Michael Keaton Batman from Batman (1989) versus "Boss" Grissom, the Joker and his gang, which was the real first big budged Batman feature motion picture movie, and Batman Returns (1992) iconic landmark follow up versus Catwoman, the Penguin, the Red Triangle gang and Max Shreck. Featuring Michael Keaton presenting Batman as the mysterious dissident lethal outlaw with a sense of vengeance and a pulpy hardboiled spirit of Film Noir, in a Gothic and Film Noir environment, influenced by German Expressionism aesthetics, that Batman was created to be.

This group exists primarily for the collection and exhibition of fan art that is depicting Micheal Keaton's Batman or his Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer), Pat Hingle's Commissioner James Gordon, even Ricky Addison Reed/Leonardo DiCaprio's Robin/Richard Grayson, Michael Gough's British Nanny and Butler Alfred Pennyworth, Billy Dee Williams' District Attorney Harvey Dent, Kim Basinger's Vicki Vale, Robert Wuhl's Alexander Knox, Lee Wallace's Gotham Mayor William Borg, Michael Murphy's new Gotham Mayor Roscoe Jenkins, even Marlon Wayans' car mechanic "the Kid," etc. are all accepted. All media is accepted.

Michael Keaton's real name is Michael Douglas, his screen name was changed to Keaton to not be confused with the other Michael Douglas (the guy most famous for Romancing the Stone (1984), The Jewel of the Nile (1985), Fatal Attraction (1987), Wall Street (1987) and Basic Instinct (1992), while in those same years Michael Keaton was releasing Johnny Dangerously (1984), filming Gung Ho in 1985 (released in 1986), The Squeeze (1987) and Batman Returns (1992)).

Batman co-creator Bob Kane explained on NPR in 1990, "I was project consultant [for Tim Burton and Michael Keaton's Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992)] and I did add a lot of my input. It was very true to the roots of Batman the way I started it. It had gone back to the dark mysterioso Batman that I created in the early years. The whole mood had a Film Noir look. It was true to my original dark brooding Batman. It followed faithfully to my early mood of the genre of Batman."…

Batman co-creator Bill Finger explained in The Steranko History of Comics Volume 1 (1970), "My idea was to have Batman be a combination of [Mark of Zorro (1920)] Douglas Fairbanks [acrobatic lethal vigilante in black], Sherlock Holmes [detective], The Shadow [mysterious gun-toting outlaw in black], and Doc Savage [scientist chemist and utility belt gadgets] as well."…

Batman co-creator Bill Finger also explained in The Steranko History of Comics Volume 1 (1970), "I patterned my style of writing Batman after The Shadow and old Warner Bros. [Film Noir] gangster movies with Jimmy Cagney, George Raft, Edward G. Robinson and [Humphrey] Bogart. I always liked that kind of dramatic point of view. It was completely pulp style [the style of hardboiled murder mystery crime drama magazines and novels]. Sometimes I overdid it, writing phrases like 'Night mantles the City.' But, somehow, it all seemed to work."…

Bob Kane also explained to Andrew Ellard at a Comic Convention in 1992, "I personally like the dark, brooding Batman better [than the Adam West light, comedic Batman played for laughs]. And in the first year, before Robin, Batman was a lone vigilante, dark and mysterious - like the two [Tim Burton and Michael Keaton Batman] movies. So if I had a choice, I like the dark mood - when Michael Keaton gets into that uniform, he becomes the Batman. He becomes swashbuckling, he has an air about him. The chin juts out another inch with that Bat-cowl he wears; he looks strong, he looks like Batman. There are parts of the first movie [Batman (1989)] that I like better, and parts of Batman Returns I like better. Tim Burton has a very Film Noir look to his films, they look different to any other film by any other director. They almost look like German Expressionism."…

Micheal Keaton explained to MTV in 2005, "You can't ever go too dark for me. There is a way into that guy [Batman], a trick to it. [Being dark] was the one way to get into him; that is the only way I could get into him, and that's the way I went."…

Michael Keaton explained in Rolling Stone magazine (June 1989), "The choice was to play Batman honestly. So I started thinking, 'What kind of person would wear these clothes?' The answer seemed pretty disturbing. This is a guy in pain."……

Micheal Keaton explained to Entertainment Weekly in 2014, "I tried to make them understand. But when somebody [Joel Schumacher] says to you, 'Does it have to be so dark?' I thought, 'Are we talking about the same character?' Tim Burton gets the genre better than anyone else. Tim, in movies, really invented the whole dark-superhero thing."…

Costume designer Bob Ringwood explained in Cinefex #41 (1989) about the black batsuit [like bats are black, and Zorro and the Shadow wear black], "Bats are black, of course – not blue – and black is much more sinister and sexy. After talking to Batman creator Bob Kane, we found out that he had always thought of Batman as being in black, but that it was very difficult to draw a black-on-black drawing for the comic strip. So he had drawn it in blue so that he could use different tones of the color for effect. In his mind, the blue was just a symbolic version of black. Our black costume was really nearer the original concept."……

The first appearance we see of Batman in Detective Comics #27 (1939), art by Bob Kane, shows Batman all in blackness. The Detective Comics #28 (1939) text narration, written by Bill Finger, says, "A mysterious figure in black watches in the darkness above them -- it is the 'Bat-Man.' The black clad figure of the Bat-Man swings into the looted apartment." Detective Comics #39 (1940) text narration, written by Bill Finger, says, "Again the intrepid black-clad figure of the Batman..." Detective Comics #49 (1940) text narration, written by Bill Finger, says, "Mysterious being of the shadows, garbed in garments as ink-hued as night itself, the Batman, flits amidst the darkness like the winged creature whose name he had adopted."

Official Michael Keaton Batman sites:…………………
Michael Keaton Batman comic book artists:……………

Michael Keaton's causes (Bruce Wayne-esque philanthropy):
Comic Relief USA nonprofit charity for the homeless…
NHL Celebrity All-Stars hockey for the Cerebral Palsy Foundation and the National Kidney Foundation……
Earthday awareness…
Project Children……
The March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation……
Meals on Wheels…
Autograph Store Charity Fundraising…
SeriousFun Children's Network…

Michael Keaton Batman fan pages:…………………………………………





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