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My Bio

A working man who's well barely active in this website. Upload webcomics, models or poses. I also make request, but not every idea I'll accept. Just keep it interesting, short and sweet.

A link that's me I guess. http://lullabymetosleep.deviantart.com/art/Smart-idiot-stamp-261309248

I get my inspiration from Kitty0706 (God bless his soul), videogamedunkey (used to, not anymore), Oneyng, Vinesauce community love me Siivagunner, Sanity Not Included(Season 1 -3), Eddsworld (God bless Edd Gould), old cartoons that were good. I'm just some inspired asshead on the internet.

Oh and there is a reason why I don't give credit to my work most of the time is because it would take forever to do(and that can include the small things). Seriously I've done this before for my Youtube Sims 3 videos because of the required mods you need. Look, for those of you who worked your A double S off for the models, good job and keep up the work. I know it feels lazy, but I'm just showing off my ideas. At least I don't go just straight up stealing other people's work or asking people to pay me for models that I don't own. What a lovely community.

That even includes the game companies that made the models in the first place. Glad xnalara is there for us to make our own poses and stuffs!

So enjoy my stuff.

Oh, uhh dead youtube channel if bored or mostly have the Sims 3


Here's my party thing:


Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
Once that doesn't suck
Favourite TV Shows
Don't have one
Favourite Books
Favourite Games
video games...
Favourite Gaming Platform
Other Interests
Just me
Important! Pretty please don't try to contact me via that chat or request thing on Deviantart for a message. Try contacting me via note. Why? I don't know why but every time I open up a chat panel from any people, it really screws up my computer's CPU and goes slow as hell. I seriously don't know why is that but it's really annoying. So yeah, just try the old fashion way and just send me note if you want to send me a direct message. Again, not the chat or request thing. Thank you.
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Is it worth getting all the Cheetos for that Devil May Cry reveal?

2 votes
No, just get some wine and SAMwiches
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You think this is funny!?
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Using everything & everyone like dodgeballs to throw on each opposing cliffs, makes everyone (even spectators from across the globe & multiverse) gets tired of Heihachi & Kazuya's issues of throwing someone & something off the cliff stuffs.

i have a request

beavis and butthead both sing Baka Mitai

its about them never scoring

at the end, they tried to hit on the female bar tender but they get there asses kicked again lol

Here is a request Lilymon from digimon sings baka mitai. And the picture of mimi tachikawa.

http:D/www.xboxexclusive.com/images/art/4thJuly_Sudeki.jpg Even the girls from Sudeki game know what day are today :D

I have a suggestion for you XD

Theres a hurricane named elsa and shes heading to florida

ive got idea to port Little Mermaid Ariel sisters from sims 4 game, but can't any good models of thier except those from the sims 2 game.