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King Ghidorah in a Nutshell

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Minor spoilers from Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Don't hate me plz. :C

Kind Ghidorah/Monster Zero © Toho
Art © Me 2019

-Facebook: www.facebook.com/mikemcspooky
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© 2019 - 2020 MichaelJLarson
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ho Boy, I have to use this derp face

with my dragons.

I laugh every time I see

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Kinda reminds me of the Hyena trio from The Lion King.

Banzai, the complainer. Shenzi, the Leader. and...ED.

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Right: Scar

Middle: Smaug

Left: SpongeBob

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Kevin is a good boi!

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that one kid in a group assignment project be like...

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Middle head: *sighs* Okay, but could you not, though?
Lefty: *absolutely REFUSES to stop quoting SpongeBob whenever possible (and sometimes when it shouldn't be)*
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Dreamworks, Pixar and Illumination be like
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I love how Ichi is looking at Kevin like wtf?
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Hi! I love idea of this picture, so I made something like fanart :)

[P] Disney's Tigers
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oh, you created that, nice
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somehow i got a vibe of the laughing hyenas, still this is funny
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It reminds me the hyenas from TLK.


Who doesn't have wings?

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Lefty:  Sadistic Evil
Boss: Chaotic Evil
Righty:  "Herpy-Derp!"
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Oh, Kevin.  How we love you.  You made Ghidorah so much more fun and interesting.  And just think everyone: he's the head the eco-terrorists purchased from the fishermen!  So, if there is a Mech-Ghidorah...Kevin will be in charge.  Now, that's a movie I wanna see!
And, great job, artist!  Please do more!  
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So that's where the meme came from...
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Love the original King Ghidorah like any respectful Kaiju enthusiast, but the Legendary one really injected so much personality in the character, the old costume ones just moved the puppet heads in all directions.
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Everyone has that one friend.
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