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Why are the pyramids in Egypt
Why are the pyramids in Egypt somewhat similar to other ancient pyramids that have now been discovered all over the world
This is one of the truly great mysteries of the ancient world.  You see, techniques were used in the construction of some of these ancient pyramids that mankind is only just now able to understand. massive pyramids that have been found in South America. But very few people know about the pyramids that have now been discovered in China, Bosnia, the United States, Europe and Russia. The truth is that hundreds of giant ancient pyramids have now been discovered all over the world.
The Pyramids...Was the great flood that every ancient culture has in their history,be the demise of the pyramid builders ? Yes. Notice the similar shapes and how the ones in Asia and central America are almost identical. The pyramids date back to before 3000 BC.
There are more than 16 pyramids spread over Greece. The oldest one is the pyramid of Hellinikon.The existence of ancient pyramid
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Page 1Could The AntiChrist B
Page 1
Could The AntiChrist Be A Nephilim?
The subject of the Nephilim is very interesting to say the least. I have a big hunch the Anti Christ will be a Nephilim.In the King James Version, Daniel 2:43 reads, “And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.”
Miry clay apparently refers to pottery made of the recycled shards or broken pieces of different kinds of pottery ground into dust again and mixed with water to make a clay like substance. It was very brittle and easily broken apart. In Nebuchadnezzar’s dream it’s meant to symbolize the difficulty the end times Empire represented by the ten toes will have in staying together.
But then verse 43 says “they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men” Who is they?
Is Daniel telling us that some non-human beings will attempt to join up with humans, or even mix themselv
:iconmichaelgarcia7:MichaelGarcia7 7 14
Demons look to inhabit a body or object
When God destroyed the earth with the flood, the Nephelim's  bodies died but their spirits became disembodied and are called demons.  This is why demons look to inhabit a body or object.  Fallen angels do not look to inhabit a body or object,  They have their own spirit bodies.  It's the demons, disembodied spirits, that look for bodies to inhabit, I believe demons are the disembodied spirits of the half human half angel hybrids of Gen 6. I know that a lot of people believe that fallen angels are demons. But the Bible nowhere teaches that. Fallen angels speak through men all the time, but they are not possessed by them.  Demons are real, Their activity accounts for many of the things that are happening today.
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Dive Girl by MichaelGarcia7 Dive Girl :iconmichaelgarcia7:MichaelGarcia7 7 4 I Found You, with background by MichaelGarcia7 I Found You, with background :iconmichaelgarcia7:MichaelGarcia7 9 15 COME HITHER, DEAR. color by MichaelGarcia7 COME HITHER, DEAR. color :iconmichaelgarcia7:MichaelGarcia7 3 9 My gal color by MichaelGarcia7 My gal color :iconmichaelgarcia7:MichaelGarcia7 5 6 Witch by MichaelGarcia7 Witch :iconmichaelgarcia7:MichaelGarcia7 15 31 What is it by MichaelGarcia7 What is it :iconmichaelgarcia7:MichaelGarcia7 0 18 Landscape by MichaelGarcia7 Landscape :iconmichaelgarcia7:MichaelGarcia7 6 12 Racer color by MichaelGarcia7 Racer color :iconmichaelgarcia7:MichaelGarcia7 1 0 Racer by MichaelGarcia7 Racer :iconmichaelgarcia7:MichaelGarcia7 1 3 Sarah by MichaelGarcia7 Sarah :iconmichaelgarcia7:MichaelGarcia7 3 9 Stay fit by MichaelGarcia7 Stay fit :iconmichaelgarcia7:MichaelGarcia7 1 0 My gal by MichaelGarcia7 My gal :iconmichaelgarcia7:MichaelGarcia7 0 0





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My New Book The Lost Ancients A Glorious Civilization
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
My name is Michael Garcia (The Lost Ancients A Glorious Civilization)is a Book I authored that answers all the topics listed below, challenge yourself to discover an ancient civilization that had greater technology then the world we live in today. Learn why this ancient civilization was destroyed by GOD with a world wide flood,and learn why Noah and his family were the ones saved to restart mankind on this world.You will also learn how and why the fallen angels inserted themselves and had a huge influence on this ancient per-flood civilization and the corruption of mankind.Get your copy of this book today and learn more about this ancient civilization then any history book would ever dare teach you.

The World: Before the Flood
Genesis Account of Creation
Ancient Maps
Ancient Aircraft
Evidence of Men of Giant Stature
What the Bible Says About Giants
Fallen Angels Giants of Genesis 6:4
Who Built the Great Pyramid of Giza
Ancient Aliens Were Fallen Angels
Ghost are Really Fallen Angels
Ancient Atomic Knowledge
Anybody know which temp service the vatican hires thru? Im out job hunting this morning,so I figure I would put my application in to be the new pope.


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