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Geezer Guile

So this year is the 20th anniversary of Street Fighter II. And Guile is still as handsome as ever!

Man I need to stop working on white backgrounds so much.
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:iconguile-plz::iconsaysplz:Get off my lawn.
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20 years later
still a family man
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(sigh) 20 years... That long...
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There is a generation born after Mario 64 was released, now well into their teenage years. Come to the party on my porch, there are canes to be shaken!
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The most deadliest move of all, unfortunately it requires a massive combo input, involving burritos, indigestion, and holding that toot in for several weeks.
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It is the scent of a true champion.
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Happy it pleased you!
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HAHA! this is awesome. Great work.
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Glad you liked it!
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lol I can totally picture Guile being like this... goood work
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haha .. now now.. that fart is really something:D
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It destroys the car in one go
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awesome. man. just awesome.
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LOL this somehow reminds me of the Guile in Street Fighter - Later Years by College Humour XD And he's about to rip a "SONIC F@*KIN BOOOOM!!"
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Can't say I've seen it, but sounds like an amusing series!
Amazing! Had a good laugh. He used to be my favourite character.
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Thanks Anthony! He was a favourite of mine too
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this is so great and sonic toot is a wonderful thing and the picture gains the rating of:
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