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not thinking straight

use it if you like it, but i think you're weird

Welcome diggers! See all my HDTV desktops here: [link]
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Do I see the golden ratio like 5000 times in there? Anyway, it's TOTALLY AWESOME! I think it looks like a stained glass piece or something...

What do you use? Is it just free hand?
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i use a free open source flame fractal program called apophysis. you can download it for free here [link]
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Awesome, I can't get my eyes off it
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I think this is all sorts of neat. =D
creepfan's avatar
Freakin' sweet.
knefjj's avatar
Very nice. To my eyes some of your work have a sense of movement, like an optical illusion. Is this intentional?
AlexPlatonov's avatar
I love it! it is so unusual, even frightening! maybe it will make me not to sit in front of the PC for so long.. =D :+fav:
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Helping procrastinators everywhere :salute:
Just got a wide-screen not too long ago and I've been searching for some good backgrounds. I had to add yours... [link]
Pride +1 in my book
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I am weird!!!! :+fav:
MichaelFaber's avatar
You are not alone :)
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It reminds me of orange stars, if there are such things =)
This is why I signed up for this site. ONLY to say that is the THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN (not kidding) . I cant take my eyes from my Lcd ... LoL.

By the way also a nice title ... :winner:

Keep up the good work ....
Thanks a lot.
MichaelFaber's avatar
haha! Thanks! I'm glad you did! It is kind of funny. i just made this one to goof off. it wasn't really a serious fractal. you are the second person who signed up just because of it though :)
Rankine's avatar
unreal! thank you so much, hope im not too weird..
MichaelFaber's avatar
hehe. you are welcome.

did you sign up to dA just to ask me for a version without text?
KatamariMiracle's avatar
... O_o...

This confuses me in a good way!
agressive-cow's avatar
I love these colors. Again, your detail kicks so much arse.
The shapes remind me of a certain ceiling. o_O; *WEIRD.*
It's frickin' sweet, man. As always. ;D
Rankine's avatar
Thats the best thing ive ever seen! All due respect, but I humbly ask for a version without the text.
MichaelFaber's avatar
your wish is my command
Hooty-McBoon's avatar
Oh very cool. I like it.
Cazacan's avatar
odd, but kinda cool
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