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Memories of the Sea

Let me know what you think!
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this is so cool :D
apomaker's avatar
I really love this effect and thank you for the plugins too!!!:hug:
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fantastic! and that wavy part "inside"!
piethein21's avatar
nice work :D
i really like the organic look :)
piethein21's avatar
you are welcome :)
pillemaster's avatar
really cool - i love thiy type of fractals! reminds me of old stuff I did ( [link] and [link] ) with glynnsim but i guess yours is done with flux/julian ?!?
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Those do have a lot of similarities! This is a three transform flame with no Xaos, and there is only one variation used :) It is a test variation based on Bipolar coordinates much like the eSeries is based on Elliptic Coordinates. The more i use it though, the more i think it can all be done using existing variations and some clever Xaos. It is a fun variation none the less though.
lgmac's avatar
Incredible piece. Love it!!
snupi988's avatar
i think this is gorgeous work!:D i like ``bold`` splines which vibrate and whole atmosphere is realy pleasant for eyes.
It has ``proffesional look because dark colours are in the right place to give the whole image 3d look.
Theme and techinque is very unusual.
Is this artwork has something to do with your new eseries variations??
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Thanks for the comment. I'm glad you like it!

This does not use the eSeries. It uses new test variations that are based on bipolar coordinates like the eSeries is based on elliptical coordinates. bSeries? I think this can be done with preexisting variations, but it does make it easier. In this case, this is a three transform flame with no final transform or Xaos.
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