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Dragon Storm

Props to `FarDareisMai for posting [link] and sharing it's inspiration. Great art can still be made with just Linear! This one has a scale of 1 / sqrt(3) rotated configuration.
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Beautiful! Absolutely gorgeous!
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One or more of your fractals have been featured in BEST of 2012 in FRACTAL ART !!! :blowkiss:
Enjoy and hope it gives you a big smile :hug:ss
Journal link >> [link]
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very interesting 'linear' work. such Depth,..
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Beautiful - waves of violet dreams and yes, didn't you always say that linear can do a lot ...and it could replace few variations ;)
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Did i? :confused: I don't think Linear can replace other variations, but some variations are the same as Linear if the parameters are set just so. :)
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Yes, that be it :nod: and it's so true - linear and spherical are still the best and the oldest :)
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It looks really closely related to the "dragon curve"[link]
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It does look similar. I searched for another example of this particular variation but could not find one. The other variations of the dragon curve i found are the 'twin' and 'terdragon'. Because of it's rotational symmetry i'll call it a three-headed dragon.

Winter is coming.
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OOOOOOoooooohhh a fractal! I like it.
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The depths, so many patterns I cannot focus completely... it just flows into infinite degrees of complexity.

This is what fractal art is about at its very core, and I thank you for finding it in the immensity of mathematical possibility.
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Thanks for the comment, Morgan!
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