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Counter Spin III

By MichaelFaber
Apophysis 2.05

Check out the first two in this trilogy: [link] [link]
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© 2006 - 2021 MichaelFaber
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This makes me think of a couple of M.C. Escher's works. Really stunning!
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:thanks: Thanks for the kind words
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that's amazing...
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This reminds me of M.C. Eshcer's "Mobius II." Very interesting.
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This is awesome!
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I am in awe. This is fantastic!!
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One of the most amazing fractal works!
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I love this one sooo much; but I guess my only complaint really is the composition; while the entire image flows fairly well, I feel like it's a bit too centered, and with so much movement in the form, it would be great to see this on a slightly more diagonal tilt to the frame to give it a tension and edge. Of the series, I prefer this one the most for the color choices... really nice work, I enjoyed browsing your gallery. Your fractals are crisp, and look very time consuming to create!

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Thanks for the input. it is much appreciated :)
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I would like to let you know I am featuring this in my latest journal. If you would like to have it removed, please let me know and I will removed it immediately. [link]

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Damn doood, you got some mad skills, and a damn good eye....

Hats off man, bravo....! :)
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Your image was featured here: [link]
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.... how!! ... i must have your secret :D
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:wow::jawdrop:I have selected this piece to feature in my journal in the Bonus Features. I thought that it was wonderful, and I want all to see it! :clap::winner:
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Stunning piece babe wowwwwwwwwww
Well done
Luv Pixie:kiss:
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Thanks for the comments :)
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admirable work... i had the sudden impression of a cyberspace stairway when looking on it....

well worth a fav... i hope it's selling well...:-)
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Thanks for everything! :)
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something really good ... but I don't know if the bright spot is something intended ... nevertheless its beautiful ... seems to be more than one layer ..
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