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Simply fantastic :love:
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very abstract interesting render!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Yes...this looks 'invaginated' what? In the hands and eye of a true artist that form should hardly be off-limits. This has a Universal-Mother-Womb theme running through it which is remarkable in its complexity AND organic coherence. I fav'd it immediately, having seen similar things often, but rarely so appealing...even after extensive viewing time.
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I like it!
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nice but :hide: im dirty minded
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Love the color combinations used, but I'm just gonna say it: It looks like a woman's genitals. Remarkably so, in fact.
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:laughing: totally!  Alex Grey's take on the yoni!
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glad it wasn't just me :giggle:
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It's amazing and all, but the first thing the shape reminded me of.... can't unsee now...
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Yeah...what Platinus said.
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I like the patern but personally i would have blurred the filler a bit
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Oh god damn, this is incredible.
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