your favorite hometown go-to comic con

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Just curious...we all know about the big name comic cons, but what are some of your favorite lesser known local shows?
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I’m in Central Florida, so MegaCon is it for me!!  Wish I had gone to the flagship SDCC when I was in the Navy at SUBASE San Diego!
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Megacon is a good con. I will be there in a couple of weeks!
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I would love to see you come to Motor City Comic Con or any of the cons in Michigan.
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yeah I definitely have been missing that part of the country ;)
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Memphis Comic Expo
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ColletteTurnerProfessional Traditional Artist
Saskatoon Comic and Entertainment Expo will always hold a special place in my heart. :D
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Some small nearby cos I have been to and enjoyed are The First State comic con, and the Philadelphia comic con.
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MASSive Con in Worcester is a good one, as is Boston Comic Con.
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Geez, I'm halfway between Chicago and Detroit so my "local" cons are C2E2 and Motor City Comic Con... I think C2E2 is one of the larger ones (top ten for sure) and MCCC an't too shabby either.  Grand Rapids Michigan has a newer one that's been going for a few years.  That's about the same distance from as the other two, only North instead of East or West.  That's a nice "smaller" con.
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I've never done Motor City, but I have been to most of the C2E2's
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A couple artists (Sara Richard is one, don't remember the others) say that MCCC takes good care of the artists. I think it's about 1/4th the size of C2E2 but they usually have pretty good artists and media guests.  That's where I was able to see my #1: Alan Davis!  Also saw George Perez there a different year, and he's really high on my list too. 

I love going to both on shows and Fridays.  MCCC I just don't go Saturday, I drive back and forth on Friday and just do that one day since it's smaller than C2E2 and I can knock everything out in one day.   C2E2... We stay at the Hyatt.  But Saturday I do panels and avoid the floor (unless I'm picking up art that I put in for on Friday.)  SO.  MANY.  PEOPLE.
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I like going with my family to Cape Con, in Cape Girardo, Missouri.
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Memphis Comic Expo - run by one of our local shops, it's been a great show for the last 4 years.
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Are you familiar w/Comicpalooza?
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yeah I have heard good things about that one.
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