Online consumer culture

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Man, I should be used to it by now but I still think that it is REALLY strange when someone downloads literally hundreds of images from my Deviant page...which let's face it would probably take hours...But they don't leave a single comment. This happened a few times over the weekend. I don't know, I just think that's weird ;)
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I'm one of those who faves and run, and comment sparingly. I would prefer to provide more than a comment which just says 'I like this' (which is what a fave represents to me).

Downloading an image (where available) without leaving a fave is weird to me.
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Inspector97Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How about the ones who favorite a lot then their account is gone
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MirrorKhaosHobbyist General Artist
Perhaps they could think of the words to say how awesome your art is?

But yes a bit strange.
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SamwiseTheAwesomeHobbyist Traditional Artist
I miss comments
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I've had that happen to me already and even though I never thought of it as being weird, I can see your point. 

Now just imagine if they replied and just said, awesome. I guess to some that would be enough but I like more meat to the comments or at least something unique.
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AJthe90skidProfessional General Artist
they probably assume you wont reply. happens all the time.
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I just know in my own case, f I am going to spend a lot of time downloading a ton of someone's art, I like to make some connection with the creator, however brief. It's easy to call out the folks that download 100 things at one sitting but I realize that comments in general are a very rare thing these days. 
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AJthe90skidProfessional General Artist
yeah. according to the stats on dA i comment on pics 80 times more than i ever get back...
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MareikeNHobbyist General Artist
that is weird!! strange people out there...
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