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Sue Storm take 2

Here's a bit of deja vu, another Sue Storm in the same vein as one I posted here recently [link] . I am often asked to re-create some piece that I have already done but since I don't really want to copy my own stuff and I like each piece to be unique, the closest I come is to do something similar.
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Very sexy. Nice job!
discipleneil777's avatar
I really like the blue.
mitchatt's avatar
Kind of a little Jessica Alba in this one, right?
Nina-D-Lux's avatar
this is the most lovely picture of sue storm i think i've seen! She looks beautiful and i think it even showcases parts of her personality, gentle and classy at the same time as being super powerful :D
MichaelDooney's avatar
thanks nina, I am always glad when some character comes through and it isn't just another generic drawing.
wickedmuse13's avatar
I really like the 1950 Sci-fi cartoon feel you used in this! I love the lightness of the pose too.
Silver-Pheanix's avatar
Looks really cool! i love it, did a good job on the "invisibleness" xD
mhgraphx01's avatar
They are both fantastic. I like this pose better than the first one. I find it to be a more interesting pose. Very Cool!
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