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Black Cat 1887 Steampunk

Since I get asked to draw Black Cat a lot, it seemed only fitting that I give her the retro steam punk treatment too.
Ink and gray copic markers.
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This is too awesome! Suddenly decided to cosplay this version of Black Cat! :D I'll show you photos of the costume after the photo shoots, if you'd like. :)
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yeah cool,I'd love to see the pics.
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I have a question, though, if you can answer, I'd really appreciate it!! Since the artwork is in black and white, I was wondering what colour you actually imagined the corset, since it doesn't seem black to me. Grey with black ornaments? 

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since the original black cat is all black and white, I guess I was just using shades of gray to indicate more detail in the costume...all the details would be lost in the drawing if it was straight black.
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Thank you so much! I was also considering that option :) 

How many of the 1887 series are available in the sepia prints I think I have five or six of em but would love to keep adding to the collection!
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I'd say there have been about 20 at this point.
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sexy i love steampunk
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She looks so pretty. love the web in the background.
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I like the way that it actually has the look of the 1800's. great job!
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Great work, again. This one seems to show her softer side.
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wow this looks pretty good and she looks ready to go to a ball or party of some sort
Metamorphicacosplay's avatar
oh this is brilliant!
MichaelDooney's avatar
and fun! I've done a bunch of these at cons too, folks seem to dig them.
Metamorphicacosplay's avatar
yeah they're all great but this my favourite!
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This one might be made as a tee shirt, we shall see.
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Gorgeous work! I love Black Cat =D
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These are so awesome, please do more!
I-write-manga-comics's avatar
Nice job with the markers, I love the result
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