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Single Page Sketch (w/o background)
Just a sketch of one single character or object. Please refer to my Commission Journal
Single Page Sketch (background added)
Your character or object with a background
Single Page Colored (w/o background)
A whole page with your character or object colored. No background
Single Page Colored (background added)
A whole page with your character or object colored with a background
Colored Comic (w/o background)
A colored in comic of your character or object doing something. No background
Colored Comic (background added)
A colored in comic of your character or object doing something with a background!
Single Ink Outlined (w/o background)
A picture of your character colored in and outlined with black ink! No background
Single Ink Outlined (background added)
A picture of your character colored in and outlined with black ink! With a background!
Single Page Digital Tracing (w/o background)
Just me doing a sketch and then tracing it onto the computer.
Single Page Digital Tracing (background added)
Just me doing a sketch of the drawing, tracing it on a software and giving it a background
(Simple backgrounds will be given 50 points back)

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Everything is just messed up here so check the folders to navigate more easily


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Headin' out
when I started on here nearly ten years ago, I was greeted by so many supportive artists who I learned so much from, and found so much creativity in chatting and rp-ing. After a while, I became so consumed by the need to make "good" art, I stopped having fun drawing as it became more and more stressful, and took longer and longer to finish any pieces. With all that being said, I think it'd be best to take a break from the whole thing, maybe get my life in order, regain a healthy sense of creativity and maybe come back and be more outgoing like I used to be. If not, then I would just like to say thank you all for the love and support, and for making DA a heckuva wild ride~
if you're looking for more great art, please check out these guys, I guarantee you won't be disappointed!
:iconViperPitsFilly: :iconbeatembaeluna: :iconthorvrog: :iconellvee: :iconPingTheHungryFox: :iconpieman24601: :iconvoraciouspanda: :iconbigclaudia: :iconryan-the-fox: :
:iconsketch013:Sketch013 4 0
A ticklish pup 4 by SGTGriff45
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A ticklish pup 3 by SGTGriff45
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A ticklish pup 3 :iconsgtgriff45:SGTGriff45 4 2
A ticklish pup 2 by SGTGriff45
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A ticklish pup 2 :iconsgtgriff45:SGTGriff45 2 0
A ticklish pup by SGTGriff45
Mature content
A ticklish pup :iconsgtgriff45:SGTGriff45 2 0


Hmmm... i feel like i forgot something.. Uh oh..
Anyone up for a fetish rp? Im bored as hell rn.
Yknow what? I have done so much thinking and.. i am so damn confused. I want to stop living, but i have something i must complete. I want it all to end.. yet i need it if i want to move forward.. and lastly.. why.. does everyone slowly drift away from me? I try to be good and i know i am not perfect... but i dont get why those close to me, directly or indirectly, just vanish.. i feel alome and segregated as just some tool. Im trying to keep myself but im loosing my own life to do so. 
So I was tagged by both :icongingygin: and :iconmobiancanine:
Ya darn hoolagins-


1. Post all the rules.
2. Post 8 facts about the character/characters
3. Tag eight other people
4. Post their character's names with their owners. 

Part 1: Otto

Otto: Takes huge sip of coffee from a gallon jug Lets do this.

1. He is a frikkin Coffee Addict
Otto: No I aint!... siiiipp...

2. Works with Eggman as an Engineer. Basically, helps improve designs for a living and keep things in check.

3. His parents are alive and well but they are far from Otto so he can't contact them

4. Otto: Slurping up rest of coffee before refilling... I know how to deal with mechanical issues one way or another.

5. Otto loves rainy days! Because.. well you should understand.

6. Otto works for Eggman not because he supports him but because it makes some good money.

7. He hates Mondays. He despises them, he wishes it was Saturday II instead. He will make sure he finds a way to get rid of Monday as a whole and obliterate it with HECKIN RAGE AND PAIN!! AHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!
Otto: Dude... I dont exaggerate.. I just wanna drop bombs onto Monday, not go all crazy...

8. He is a chill fellow and enjoys being friends as long as you have a source.. of coffee.

PHEW! Now.. FOR MEH FLUFFY BOOOOIIIIIIIII Picks Skylar up onto the shining ray of Sunlight

Part II: Skylar

1. Skylar is a cuddly boy who can be used as a teddy bear whenever you feel sad and alone

2. Skylar has this strange symptom of Crystalization. Whenever Pain or Sadness overwhelm him, his heating in his body drops and instead begins to freeze his body. Runs in the family.

3. Michael and Skylar are very close cousins. How are they cousins? Long story.

4. Skylar will be a cute, innocent, and fluffy boi until his age of 24.

5. He loves Pizza. It's his blood, it's what he uses to live!!
Skylar: Mew owo

6. He enjoys family a ton and wants to be as close as he can with them.

7. He hates seeing pain or others get hurt. He usually cries when it happens.

8. Cookies. Nuff Said.

Few! That was a workout! Unfortunately, I don't know who to tag.. so ima use this hat I got here... Plus tagbacks-

1. GingyGin Your SE Sonic-
2. MobianCanine Dax o3o
3. Veothebunny Justin uwu
And for the rest, since Im a lonely boi and dont know much people more deeply, you can get in if ya like o3o
Sooo... anybody up for a fetish rp? Perheps maybe a normal one? Im kinda lonely
My wifi doesnt work and nor does my data do ill be offline most of the day, maybe even tomorrow. Sorry for any inconvinience. I can text on mobile though.
My health and mental health have been decreasing recently. I can solve my health but its my mental health i dont know what i could do about.
Was playing Gmod and the i thought, what if i put furries against the Combine from Halflife? So i did. 63 furries, 52 combine. I gave the combine a strategic advantage, gave then advanced weaponry, ect. And i gave the furries ak's and 2 flamethrowers... Combine lost fataly and tge furrues only had 1 casualty. How-
Welp, it seems I can't really work on improving my art or even work on it much since my life isn't really stable enough to handle it. I need to feel in a "safe zone" to be able to get anything done. I will need a job soon to be able to pay off my growing debt since those who owe me keep disappearing, and I will need to be able to find inspiration to get back on my track. So basically, I'm in a Depression in terms of country language. I will make sure I get trades done but I will be closing off trades, point commissions, and requests for now.. maybe for about 2-3 years or until I have a stable life. So sorry to those who may feel any inconvenience.
Anybody do vore commissions between 1-100 points? Or at least know somebody who does?
Its odd to me now but communist military music (mostly East Germany) and some other WWII German music fill me with determination to move forward. It gives me the feeling of being under attack but the foe is mighty, yet i am strong too. It gives me the feeling to march on through the pain. Life is just like war and politics. There is peace and war, but everything is chaos. Only you can choose how you will end.
You know how parents say they know best? Well Fuck That. I had a school that was going to provide me the ability to be an engineer and help me achieve my goals, even going as far as giving me classes to focus on achieving my ambitions. But no, my mom is switching me to a school that prefers English and old style stuff and doesnt have nothing of Engineering or actually working on stuff to gain experience for being an engineer like the school i had barely moved to had. Now im going to have more textbooks and a more english directed life. I hate it that my mom didnt even allow me to choose what school to go to if we were to relocate.
Im in need of therapy- lel jk im just bored. Ack- i wish i cpuld play those games i have which cant run on my conputer-
I like the new Sonic Design. Boom. Hate me or whatevs, im stickin to it. I actually appreciate the new look, according to the stuff i have been studying recently on universes and dimensions. Of course, its all theories but it makes sense one you understand how Sonics world varies into our world.
Anybody up for a vore rp? Sorry, im kinda bored.
The more I live, the more I fear. This isnt right. I feel so scared every second about sudden death. I have not yet done what I wanted to.. The thought of it just coming terrifies me.. I'm lucky to live, but how long will that last? I survived being hit by a truck, falling down.. well.. rolling down a cliff with rocks all around, and being stung by some poisonous insect.. to have it luckily not inject anything into me.. but how long til this luck ends? How much do I really have? Death seems to be pounding at my door, unable to open it but when he makes a crack.. well.. he makes a crack. I'm afraid. I'm scared... I want to escape.. 
Yay! Its my birthday today! Thank you to all who wished me happy birthday x3



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Jesus had no servants, yet they called him Master...

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He had no medicine, yet they called him Healer...

He had no army, yet kings feared him...

He won no military battles, yet he conquered the world...

He committed no crime, yet they crucified Him...

He was buried in a tomb, yet He lives today

Feel honored to serve such a leader who loves us...

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