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Single Page Sketch (w/o background)
Just a sketch of one single character or object. Please refer to my Commission Journal
Single Page Sketch (background added)
Your character or object with a background
Single Page Colored (w/o background)
A whole page with your character or object colored. No background
Single Page Colored (background added)
A whole page with your character or object colored with a background
Colored Comic (w/o background)
A colored in comic of your character or object doing something. No background
Colored Comic (background added)
A colored in comic of your character or object doing something with a background!
Single Ink Outlined (w/o background)
A picture of your character colored in and outlined with black ink! No background
Single Ink Outlined (background added)
A picture of your character colored in and outlined with black ink! With a background!
Single Page Digital Tracing (w/o background)
Just me doing a sketch and then tracing it onto the computer.
Single Page Digital Tracing (background added)
Just me doing a sketch of the drawing, tracing it on a software and giving it a background
(Simple backgrounds will be given 50 points back)

Newest Deviations

Snons the frickeruphog by MichaelDaFloof
Mature content
Snons the frickeruphog :iconmichaeldafloof:MichaelDaFloof 0 2
So here is my stuff for 2018 by MichaelDaFloof
Mature content
So here is my stuff for 2018 :iconmichaeldafloof:MichaelDaFloof 0 0
SUSIE by MichaelDaFloof SUSIE :iconmichaeldafloof:MichaelDaFloof 12 9 Me RN by MichaelDaFloof Me RN :iconmichaeldafloof:MichaelDaFloof 7 9 Evil Boi by MichaelDaFloof Evil Boi :iconmichaeldafloof:MichaelDaFloof 12 8 Giant Michael Tiny Hawky by MichaelDaFloof
Mature content
Giant Michael Tiny Hawky :iconmichaeldafloof:MichaelDaFloof 16 54
HOW TO ESTABLISH COMMUNISM by MichaelDaFloof HOW TO ESTABLISH COMMUNISM :iconmichaeldafloof:MichaelDaFloof 9 11 Bashe Noms Knuckles by MichaelDaFloof
Mature content
Bashe Noms Knuckles :iconmichaeldafloof:MichaelDaFloof 10 4
Andre ate Max by MichaelDaFloof
Mature content
Andre ate Max :iconmichaeldafloof:MichaelDaFloof 8 19
Naga Michael by MichaelDaFloof
Mature content
Naga Michael :iconmichaeldafloof:MichaelDaFloof 2 0
Sonic Infinity: Flamethrower Class W.I.P. by MichaelDaFloof Sonic Infinity: Flamethrower Class W.I.P. :iconmichaeldafloof:MichaelDaFloof 5 0 Coot fet Sky o3o by MichaelDaFloof Coot fet Sky o3o :iconmichaeldafloof:MichaelDaFloof 5 33 TITAN (Bird's eye view) by MichaelDaFloof TITAN (Bird's eye view) :iconmichaeldafloof:MichaelDaFloof 1 2 some Sonic vore by MichaelDaFloof
Mature content
some Sonic vore :iconmichaeldafloof:MichaelDaFloof 0 1
Sonic (Barefoot) by MichaelDaFloof Sonic (Barefoot) :iconmichaeldafloof:MichaelDaFloof 4 14
Mature content
Sonic Infinity Chapter 6 :iconmichaeldafloof:MichaelDaFloof 1 0
Everything is just messed up here so check the folders to navigate more easily


Marlie looms by BenjiPaws
Mature content
Marlie looms :iconbenjipaws:BenjiPaws 84 7
Sherbert's Birthday Suprise 4/4 (By: Large-Rarge) by PieMan24601
Mature content
Sherbert's Birthday Suprise 4/4 (By: Large-Rarge) :iconpieman24601:PieMan24601 13 0
Sherbert's Birthday Suprise 3/4 (By: Large-Rarge) by PieMan24601
Mature content
Sherbert's Birthday Suprise 3/4 (By: Large-Rarge) :iconpieman24601:PieMan24601 10 0
Sherbert's Birthday Suprise 2/4 (By: Large-Rarge) by PieMan24601
Mature content
Sherbert's Birthday Suprise 2/4 (By: Large-Rarge) :iconpieman24601:PieMan24601 10 0
Amy ate Dorian (birthday gift) by FlashTheRabbit16
Mature content
Amy ate Dorian (birthday gift) :iconflashtherabbit16:FlashTheRabbit16 6 3
Mature content
Bianca's Lunch :iconjohn3689:john3689 3 0
11-11-18 C0805p Laced In by goattrain 11-11-18 C0805p Laced In :icongoattrain:goattrain 12 0 11-12-18 C0803p Reach Up s by goattrain 11-12-18 C0803p Reach Up s :icongoattrain:goattrain 18 4
:iconviperpitsfilly:ViperPitsFilly 2 7
Suzie, a friend u (Probably) want [Deltarune] by Uketello Suzie, a friend u (Probably) want [Deltarune] :iconuketello:Uketello 87 11 I have no honor by DSthewolf I have no honor :icondsthewolf:DSthewolf 6 1 Susie Vores Kris by Jerrymulstndfo Susie Vores Kris :iconjerrymulstndfo:Jerrymulstndfo 3 0 Susie vore [Deltarune fanart] by n00b-artist
Mature content
Susie vore [Deltarune fanart] :iconn00b-artist:n00b-artist 36 18
Q  A #3 by FlashTheRabbit16
Mature content
Q A #3 :iconflashtherabbit16:FlashTheRabbit16 6 12
Luci has problems [Ghastly Obsession] by sketchysquiggles Luci has problems [Ghastly Obsession] :iconsketchysquiggles:sketchysquiggles 11 2 Metal gets a Rival by GenoGlitch Metal gets a Rival :icongenoglitch:GenoGlitch 9 2
Its been so nice to be with you, but im afraid i have to let go soon. We dont have much time together. I got another chapter ahead of me. And i cant avoid it. Ill miss you.


Its been so nice to be with you, but im afraid i have to let go soon. We dont have much time together. I got another chapter ahead of me. And i cant avoid it. Ill miss you.
It just takes one thing,
Only one to change.
It only takes one thing,
To show how one could say.
It only takes one thing,
to make you one with yourself.
It only takes one thing,
to realize, that all you have been through
all you have suffered, all you have accomplished,
It only takes on thing to show,
that it isn't.
Oki, so there is this one artist who has such AMAZING! art and she is.. broke welcome to the squad , SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, she opened sketch commishes and you should check em out!
Go check out :iconsparkle-the-cat-13: and browse her beautiful art! And if you are interested in the commishes, check out the following link:
  Sketch Commission Prices (Paypal Only)DISCLAMER: Won't start accepting commissions until Nov 14, 2018.
Also, please note me to order. XD

Cause I need a new drawing tablet since mine is ded. QuQ/
-P.S. I plan to get a Redbubble and/or Teespring or some other merch site, if anyone will buy my things. XD

Normal Style Headshot: $10

Chibi Style Headshot: $5

Fullbody Chibi: $8

Checkmark Will Draw:

tick Practically anything including gore X'D
cross Will NOT Draw:
x NSFW....yet
x Vore.......yet

If you have no money, spread it out to people who do! Thanks for reading!

Now have a cookie
So here is my stuff for 2018
Dear God. What have I made.

SO I decided to just ppllt a picture and here it is. Quality art 10/10
Hope you like it because it might be all i could be posting of my magnificent art. I've worked through several months to get to this point. So thx for lookin at this

heh... just wait..
I literally have a journal dedicated to people I know and I put a point value system by them to know who I get along with and who has a negative impact on me just in case I ever forget everything. It happened once so I aint gonna let it happen again.
how did I know I forgot? I didn't know who my parents were and I panicked at home years ago so looking at how much I grew.. yeah... Better safe than sorry.
Also, only 4 of you is over the 1,000 point strike (basically, family to me)

Man this feels creepy once you put it into perspective...
I'm feeling a little sick so sorry if i don't respond or anything, its just me trying to rest and not frikin die. Thankfully, it aint the 1800s
I'm in love with this character so i drew her! I might make more art of her soon.
Susie is owned by Toby Fox
"There are battles in which we win, and battles in which we loose, but there is no battle tougher, than the battle for your own mind."
Ok, I think this was too obvious that it was clickbait but lemme tell ya'll something... My birthday is close owo November 30th. It's so close!! OWO I'm excited! Mostly cuz my parents throw me a party, mostly small, but since it's my birthday, I get to put the music XD And I can't wait for that! *looking at slavic music* anyways, I'm excited owo I'ma be counting my days to get older and being one year older XD o boi am I scared

Why are ya still reading dis? o3o wanted to see something? well...

Here have a cookie owo cookie :3 
I have been a bit busy lately I have forgotten if I have anything owed. So please, if I owed anything to you, art trade or commission, please tell me so I can do it.
Guys.... I MISS HALO ;n; The nostalgia is hitting me too hard >m< HAAAAAAALLP
Artists: Ima do {Word}tober!
Artists who look up to these artists: Ima just draw something spoopy!
Me: ... *goes on youtube despite all the pile of things that are due* I got nothing to do-
"No.. no... it can't be... I haven't failed! No.. I can't let this happen.. millions of lives are at stake!.. No.. NO!!"
End of Transmission
tAGGED BY: :iconsoftairmarshmallow:

WELL GAK- i GOTTA Do somethign now-

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 random facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other creators.
4. Post their OCs name along with their creators name/avatar.

OC: Michael

1. He will die before he even reaches 40.
2. He is amazing on the outside but inside, there is much more than meets the eye
3. Was and still is a Royal Canus Marine Vet.
4. Hates being called cute unless he is actually being cute
5. Is a tall boi 7 foot 6 inches
6. Can be a fukkin pervert.
8. He is intelligent in warfare, mainly with tanks. He is very strategic, making him dangerous in tank warfare. But he isn't the best of the best generals in Canus.

Do I have to do this?
People whomst will be cursed wth thy plague
:iconx-greenwithenvy-x: Jaden
:iconsorea-the-heghog: Sorea o3o (sorry o3o)
:iconmonicagenesis: Monica :3
:iconsoftairmarshmallow: Just choose one of your own character- I can't choose-
:iconvadonfox: Breaker
:icondarz213: Yourself o3o
:iconaglassofbuizel: Aaron o3o
:iconmatakiethehedgewolf: Matakie
I'm sorry all of you, but I had to XD
In life, ways change through war and peace. Sometimes both together. With the events happening in Europe, its a big middle finger to those who enjoy freedom of speech. If you want to prevent that article from passing, either gather a large amount of people and storm into that parliament qith force or protest heavily, non-stop. Dont rest, dont sleep. You fight for keeping your freedoms. Article 13 is a law that will censor anything they deem copyrighted. With that, they may censor anything against their interests. Dont let this get passed. If it does, shout your voices and never stop. If it means war, then let it be war. Dont let big government decide how you should live your lives and what you can or cant post. Do what is right. Protest, or rise. If there is a vote to leave the EU in your country, vote for it and get others to do so. Vote for those who want their country to leave the EU. You are the hope for humanity and our lives. Dont give in. Dont just obey. Question what they do and rise if it is needed. Fight to be free! As for the rest of the world, if you see your government, question what they do. Doesnt matter if you love them or not. You question what they do. Hate it? See what it will bring. If you have a mind and a brain, see what it will do and question it. What you dont want is government having more power that the people. Keep that in your mind. We have seen it time and time again through history of what leaders have done to a weak country. Dont let them have more power than you. Good luck, and may God bless you all.
Country roads, take me home
To the place I belong
West Virginia, mountain mama
Take me home, country roads
You know.. I am trying to make a profit but it seems my art isn't worth shite until I guess something is shown. So I will open up 1 slot per each section. So I guess, you could ask for what you like in their rightful selection.

For each one, one of them has to be "normal" art. The second can be fetish related or not. If you want to know what fetishes I am fine with and not, check the link in the bottom. Also it'll say what I can draw and cannot. Remember, this is first come, first serve. So you choose which slot you want.

EDIT: Make sure you provide a detailed ref or detailed info. If it is not provided, I have the right to reject your request.
EDIT2: You can only choose 1 slot. Also, remember to not beg to know how it's doing. These are requests and I may take as long as I prefer. Also, they are free, I just posted the link below of my commissions so you know what I accept and don't.


Traditional Colorless
1: :iconparakeetsntriangles:

Traditional Colored with Ink
1: :iconthatonesmurfx103-9:

Digital Outline
1: Maria's Master (From Discord)

Digital Colored
1: :iconpreggominun231:
2: :iconaxelthejackal:

Hope you're all happy for free art.
Link: Commission Prices 2018 - 2019 (It'll say somewhere there under the category of "Fetishes" if you are the ones who are wanting it)



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


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Believe in yourself
__♥__♥_____♥__♥___ Put This
_♥_____♥_♥_____♥__ Heart
_♥______In_____♥__ On Your
__♥____GOD___ ♥__ Page If
___♥____I____♥___ You Believe
____♥_Trust_♥_____ In
______♥___♥______ GOD

My Theme:…


What Are Your Last Words Before GAME OVER?
What Are Your Last Words Before GAME OVER?
Hosted By Anime

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Flag Counter

Undertale text box by AxelTheJackal TAILS TSR - FAN STAMP by SilverAlchemist09

Here are links to my other pages around the internet XD:


:iconcrossplz: Jesus Christ is my Savior :iconcrossplz:

Even when you can't see Him, GOD is there! Did you know that 98% of teenagers will not stand up for God, and 93% of the people that read this won’t repost it?

Jesus had no servants, yet they called him Master...

He had no degree, yet they called him Teacher...

He had no medicine, yet they called him Healer...

He had no army, yet kings feared him...

He won no military battles, yet he conquered the world...

He committed no crime, yet they crucified Him...

He was buried in a tomb, yet He lives today

Feel honored to serve such a leader who loves us...

If you believe in the trinity; God, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

then copy and paste this in your profile

If you ignore him, in the Holy Bible, Jesus says...

"If you deny me before man, I will deny you before my Father in Heaven..."

P.S. I had to show this off because I truly believe in this and I don't care what others think about me

Journal History


MichaelDaFloof has started a donation pool!
1,250 / 1,000,000
PLZ Give me some points so I can improve my artistic skills and keep my group running!!! I hope I can reach at least this much. Any donation of any amount is fine with me. Just plz donate when you have a chance or anytime. Thanks!

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