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Well, it's been a long time coming. Eminem hasn't put out a new album since 2004, and five years is a LONG time in the music world. (For example, auto-tune wasn't in style when 'Encore' was released). So, is the new album the return to former glory, or epic fail? Read on loyal readers, read on...

To be fair, I *JUST* got the album and listened to it from start to finish. So, what I'll be sharing are initial impressions. Perhaps some of these songs will grow on me over time. :shrug:

Let the record show, I *like* Eminem, so I'll be coming from it from that point of view. To be honest, most of his lyrics sound really cool. The signature "quick-paced and smart aleck" antics are back in full force. What bugged me though, is that although the flow over the verses sounded fine, some of the beats were just awful. For example, I don't think that the chorus for "We made You" and "Underground" match the verses AT ALL. I mean, the beat is supposed to draw you in, and then the lyrics take over. For several songs, I was listening to them DESPITE of the beat. C'mon, Dre... give me those tight beats!!

Songs that I liked right away are "Same song and Dance", "Beautiful" and "Crack a Bottle". Good times. However, let me explain something... At least to me, this is how I see Eminem's triple personality: Marshal Mathers is the more contemplative one, Eminem is the conflicted pop icon and Slim Shady is the crazy "what-the-f#ck-is-this-guy-thinking" one. To be honest, I like Slim Shady the best, but this album (and deliberately so) has very little 'slim shady' personality on it. One rather disturbing song "My Darling" makes it clear that Em's trying to get away from the evil voices in his head powered by Slim Shady. So, no crazy/cool songs like "If I get locked up tonight" on this album.

I don't envy him. When you release "The Marshal Mathers LP", which is considered by many to be one the greatest rap albums of all time, people are gonna scrutinize everything you do from then on, lookin' for the magic to reappear. THAT album was fantastic...this is just a well-produced rap album. At surface-value, Em seems to be rapping about the same stuff in the same way...but it just doesn't have the *bite* (magic, rawness, etc) of his earlier work.

Em's in a strange place... and so is this album. He's recovering from drugs and wants to do right, yet he must rap about crazy things to have an audience. However, most of these things are behind him, so the conflict to "push forward and stay positive" and "let me tell you about how I strangled Christopher Reeves with his own legs and punted his dog over my mom's house" is very evident. Kinda feels schizophrenic at times... and he has 'Rehab 2' on the way. Hope it's better than this one. :)

Final Verdict: B- ('cause I like Em. Most might give it a C. :) )

What do YOU think? Talk to you soon! Much love! :heart: :hug: :heart:

Mike Crichlow


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Marshal Mathers LP was a perfect album. Not a near perfect album, A PERFECT ALBUM. So its hard to like any of his other music. I've always felt that he doesn,t try anymore. His songs don't have the same feel. I know it would be hard to make better music, but to me all his other stuff is just terrible. From what I heard from his new album, its just more of the same. Its sounds like an artist who is impersonating Em.