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So, anyway, I was reading this article (see here -->… ) about a 12-year old boy borrowing "mature" manga from the Library. After all the ado, I was intrigued: I had to see what the big deal was about.

So I got the first volume and settled down to read it. What was quickly apparent (by like... the first panel of the first page)is that Battle Club loves fan service. LOVES IT. It is one of the most obvious and unashamed series that I've read, and even knows that it's a book, which is strange and cool at the same time. Hence, there are shots like this:

Shots like this are all too common. Also, the series assumes that all the readers of this manga are prepubescent boys with the attenstion span of a goldfish... a DUMB goldfish. So, there can only be so many panels of story before there are over-the-top shots of jailbait genetalia pressed firmly against sheer clinging underwear. I was like, "What does ANY of this have to do to the story?", but I digress. You don't read this for story. You read it for fun... and the series is fun, indeed.

Here's a two page sequence from Volume 1. Stuff like this happens all the time. If you like this, you're bound to love the manga.

Of course you can study the philosophical and theological implications of partaking in such a story, or being in a culture where such a story is encouraged and enjoyed...


or you can just enjoy the boobies. Your choice. :)

Hope y'all are doing well. Talk to you soon!! :heart: :hug: :heart:

Mike Crichlow


:D Friends :D -->…

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Awesome! It's cool to know that people are finding me through all types of venues. Ha! Work has been pretty heavy, so I'm working on comics, but not my own story. Hopefully, I'll make time to work on my own story soon.

Much love, and thanks again! :D :heart:
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Oh it's the guy who drew Ikki Tousen. Yeah, he loves the fan service. Totally.
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I do love that artist. I have been a fan of his since 13 years of age. And while the fanservice is almost the main reason to read his stuff, I have been hooked on the actual stories. Take Battle Vixens(Ikki tousen). Its based around Romance of the three Kingdoms and if you think that story is not complex your wrong. I think that there is more to these books than unadulterated fanservice. For me anyway.
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I believe that is the second series of the Battle Vixens story line. I have heard that one character eventually suplexes a shark in it if it it is the one I am thinking of. Yeah Battle Vixens is fun but a series you don't admit you read alas.
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Yeah, she suplexes a shark in it! Ha! I was like, Wow! Never seen that before. :D :heart:

I've never read Battle Vixens. I'll have to give it a try. :)

Cheers! :D
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It's slightly more serious than the second series.
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looks awesome :D ill have to buy a copy
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i dont see the big deal either i used to get the 17+ stuff when i was in middle school and didnt have any problems. my mom got a little concerned because i was buying them a lot. She made me give her one to flip threw and she didnt see anything wrong.
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This is to funny. Mind you this is nothing, come over in england and the stuff they show on normal non cable national television after 8pm is for adults only lol. This manga isnt mature, I'v been in comic book stores and sometimes its easier to find a good looking girl who loves comics in real life than to to find mature manga in my library.
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I fail to see the main point, but I do see a great source to study poses from ! that second panel is totally wow with details !
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Isn't that always how it is in the US? Sue someone so that you can have some frivolous law passed to limit the rights and freedoms of people who don't and will never have children (or ones that know how to take care of them) because you're a shitty parent?

Frankly I wish the US would get over the whole 'nudity' thing, especially compared to the cavalier attitude there is towards violence. In the city where I live alone, we've had two huge, fatal shooting sprees in the past three months. When you weigh in between 'naked people' and ';people actually getting killed', I'd much rather have naked people.

Personally as I've always said, nudity is not adult material. Every person, if they have respectable hygiene, sees a naked person once a day. People too skittish about nudity...well, I don't like to be near them. I have a sensitive nose, after all.
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The not so 'fun' part about the article is the fact the father is 'thinking of hiring an attorney,' even though the library has already stated their policy.

When in doubt of your own child raising skills, sue!!
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That's funny-in the update it said the library will not refuse anyones rights to check out books regardless of age.

I would've checked em out too if I was 12.

They are great books even though it's kinda funny at times.
-Totally obvious fanservice and great action=top selling manga.
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