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So, M. Night Shyamalan (director of "The Sixth Sense", 'Signs', 'The Village...) is directing the 'Avatar' movie. I think this is really cool since I really like Shyamalan's work. However, not everyone is a fan of his films. Thus, controversy.

In honour of this, here are a few sneak peek images of the movie in progress.

So, what do you think? Epic fail? Uber awesome? Or..too early to tell. I'll be interesting to hear what people think about this one. Let me know what YOU think.

That's all for now. Much love! :heart: :hug: :heart:

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It'll be awesome like the Dragonball movie. Hilarious with lots of friends in an empty theatre. :D
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I think M's style will compliment the movie if the writing is anything like the brilliant writing that made the series memorable.
I think it would have been a mistake to give the movie to one of the typical martial arts directors. Could you imagine how much it would rob from the mythos if say... the guy behind "The Medallion" got a hold of it? blech...
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I'm hoping it's good and will try to enjoy it. But a series like avatar with such a big fanbase will be hard to please.
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I actually like M Knight Shamalongadingdong, Tho the happening was hilariously retarded. I can't lie tho those costumes look bitch'n. I'll see it, what could it hurt.
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is it me or the slumdog millionaire a firebender? lol nice
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A bit too early to tell. I think. Although I think the casting for Aang is a good one. And: WHY, WHY didn't I know that there was an Avatar movie in the making!?

*guess thats because I'm too busy with school*
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its gonna be an epic fail unless they have killer effects
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It's going to come down to what the fighting looks like. The show was so successful because of the attention to detail. So we'll just have to wait and see.
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When I sees a trailer, I will believe it.

I hope that not cancel this proyect I'm a great fan of Avatar
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I was a huge fan of animated serie and honestly was uber happy to hear that they are shooting the movie out of it :) Whatever it will be like, I will watch it for sure.

Survived Dragon Ball movie will survive that :P
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when is it coming out? looks promising =)
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I'll admit my jaw hit the floor when I saw Aang's actor in costume. He looks PERFECT. I like that they made his tattoos more elaborate than they appear in the cartoon. It makes them look a lot more interesting. Realistic, even (no self-respecting tattoo artist would limit himself to a solid blue stripe for that much skin XD).

I'm curious to see how the rest of the cast turns out, especially Iroh. The big question is, who will play the all-important part of BOOMERANG?
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omg - he is doing a movie movie !! that's gonna epic !! I loooove his works !! it's intelligent and leaves you food for thought ! what is wrong with a bit of thinking in our era ??
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Wasn't the controversy over the fact that he got a bunch of white actors to play the parts?
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to early to tell ya know we shall see how it dos but i really hope it dose not suck
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M. Night Shamylan directs Avatar the Last Air Bender?

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I'm not sure... Shyamalan's style might not mesh with the Avatar style well. We'll just have to see to find out. On that note, I've never been fond of turning animated masterpieces like this into live action movies. It kinda steals their magic. I hope it's very well done to make up for it.
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Well, M knows how to make a movie. This is very different from his usual stuff, so it's hard to say whether it'll fail or not.

That said, I don't know much about Avatar anyway. =p
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is that the kid they were saying is a karate champion? then at least we can see great fighting scenes but hopefully the movie will not be bad
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y live action? i know it's not traditional M, but still.
but i do enjoy his work. so i have hope that he'll do it more for us then his kids, cuz if he does, those r the times that he shines. and everyone else gets confused
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Well it's not Fox that is doing it, so it may not be that bad.
Although I didn't get into the series at all, I'll give this one a chance.
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the fact that it looks like M himself is starring and that Aang is played by a the kid from that Eddie Murphy movie... i'm compelled to say EPIC FAIL.... but hey..... i'm can always be wrong :D
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