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The Cell

This is the first drawing where I used nothing but pen & ink (no washed ink, no tubular pens...). I'll stick to this technique for now, I kinda like the "simplicity" of it...

Pen & ink on paper (29,7cm x 42cm).

Note: The original is for sale on Etsy [link]
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Great details.
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This reminds me of a scene from a fighting fantasy adventure book, amazing piece :)
PressTheEject's avatar
Oh wow, you managed to get a real sense of depth going in the image.
PCamenzind's avatar
Great concept!
DahliaFay's avatar
I wonder what's the story behind this...
Giappi76's avatar
So sad...But yet beautiful!
MindTuber's avatar
Other amazing ink illustration
MentalDisorination's avatar
this has it own charm this technique
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sector Tenebrarum
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da ganas de ponerse a llorar T.T[link]
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This is reaaaalllly macabre! I love it!
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And by "simplicity" do you mean mind-numbing insanity? :P
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the detail in this is amazing. absolutely love it.
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Wow this looks awesome, I wish I was patient enough to do stuff like this!
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I absolutely love your ink work!
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I usually don't compare works, but I must admit this pic remind me the Queen's dungeon in Snowhite. That scene impressed me very much, I always wondering who was that guy, an old lover with bad luck? Snowhite's father? :O_o:
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I can't get over how much detail you're able to get in using just one tool: pen. More people should do this. This is just amazing.
this picture makes me think of that part in Snow White, when the queen walks by a cell with a skeleton in, and cackles "thirsty?"...
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I love your art. Have you ever heard of or seen the card game "Dark Cults"? Its a story telling card game with macabre cards.
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No, I never seen it... I'm gonna check it out when I have the time.
Buzzardo's avatar

Here is a link to the game.
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This is powerful! For your first drawing in pen and ink it's amazing as your later pieces :).
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