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It's midnight. It's summer. It's humid as fuck. My fan is on full blast, my window is wide open, but I still feel incredibly sticky from this heat. It's revolting really, and moths are coming in my window. Usually I have nothing against moths but they keep landing on my shoulder and it's irritating but I can't bring myself to kill them. I start Whitecliffe tomorrow. Monday. Wow. This is what I've been dreaming of for years and it's about to happen. My life is starting, it's all rather crazy.
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It looks like there was a food orgy on my desk. There is cinnamon and honey fucking everywhere, and I don't know where it came from.
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Baby Steps.

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So, uh, hi there journal, Deviantart. The empty box had been bugging me for a while so I decided to climb out of my anti-social cage and write something. Michaela. 18. New Zealand. So you're supposed to write journal entries like a diary? A nice little page to throw your thoughts at? Well, okay. It is currently 25 minutes past noon. I woke up at 10:30am, after going to bed at 6:30am as a result of too much internet and food and exercise and whatnot. Whoops. So I have my curtains drawn and door shut so that my family won't disturb me. That's one good thing about sleep deprivation problems (yeah I have those, they're fantastic!), when my f
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Im actually Currently doing my AS level and my topic is actually very similar to yours on ' beauty' I came across it when i was looking for similar work to gain inspiration from. Your work is fantastic!! i was just hoping if you could guide me a bit as well as help me with presenting this idea because it is slightly challenging to portray through drawing which you seemed to have excelled on. My email is anaraindas@gmail.com I would really appreciate if you could help me out a tad. It would be an honour frankly.
Also are there any better images of your work available? the picture on the studentart guide isnt very clear
I really appreciate the watch. Thank you!
OMG i love your work :D can i just ask, who are your artist models? Id like to use them in my art boards this year lol
Thank you. Uhh, these are who I have listed in my scholarship work, I may have used others though.
Tommasso Garavini [link]

Lora8 [link]

Justin O'Neal [link]

Ali-chan-otaku [link]

Yoshi Tajima [link] [link]

Eugenio Recuenco[link]

Jason Levesque [link]

M. C. Escher [link]

Denise Van Leeuwen [link]

Amy Sol [link]

Ross Bleckner [link]

Francis Bacon [link]
Thank you for the watch and favs :-)
You're very welcome.
Thanks for the watch!!!!