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La Digue Island, Seychelles
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I love all of your pictures!!!! Did you take the pictures yourself?
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this is the definition of pure beauty!
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sooo beautiful!
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I thought it was a 3D scene 0.0 The scene really looks nice~
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wow. this looks awesome!
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I'm featuring this beautiful piece here: [link] .
If you don't want to be featured, please note me and I'll remove it.

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I have featured your image entitled "Silhouettes" here [link] I hope you don't mind but I find your photography so inspiring :D
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Hi :wave:

This work has been featured here: [link]

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..."On some beach, some where, theres a beautiful sunset burnin' up the atmosphere. Where lovers are romancin', and people are are dancin' in the warm salty evening air , on some beach, some where .."
Words are from a song by Blake Shelton, called ..heh, ' Some beach" ..I saw this picture and immediately this song came to mind . Gorgeous shot . Excellent gallery too, you're very lucky to have travelled to these varied locals to be able to capture them. Look forward to seeing more!
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truly amazing. that is so gorgeous. i wish i were there now =]
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Oooooh beautiful. :)
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this is UNREAL. is it a photo, or a painting? i know it's a photo, but still i wonder...
One of the best seascape a ever see!!
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Hey, your great work has been featured here

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This is just stunning. Such an idyllic place to spend the rest of one's days.

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Amazing work, I love the silhouette effect in the background. What exposure time did you use to soften the water out that way? It is perfect that way. Any filters used?
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Love the softness of water and the texture of rocks.
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deliciousness in motion
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I absolutely love this!
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Grand Photo ~ Definitly caught my eye ~ :w00t:

So amazing I just went WOW when I saw it.
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