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Haunted Arendelle - Chapter: 5 by Michael-GoldenHeart, literature

Haunted Arendelle - Chapter: 4 by Michael-GoldenHeart, literature

Haunted Arendelle - Chapter: 3 by Michael-GoldenHeart, literature

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Haunted Arendelle - Chapter: 5 by Michael-GoldenHeart, literature

Haunted Arendelle - Chapter: 4 by Michael-GoldenHeart, literature

Haunted Arendelle - Chapter: 3 by Michael-GoldenHeart, literature


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Violet Venom - Official Cover by Michael-GoldenHeart, visual art

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My Bio

Welcome to my page! I'm Michael and I was born to tell stories! Stories of love, resilience, bravery and forgiveness. My dream is to become an author and screenwriter for Disney.

From menacing villains to valiant heroes, GoldenHeart Stories has it all. As my readers' testimonies will confirm, I don't settle for less than the best when it comes to entertaining you. Here at GoldenHeart Stories, you deserve a thrill ride on every page.

Some of my stories included are:

The Trailblaze Trilogy (2015)

Trailblaze: fav.me/d8mk2rl

Trailblaze II: Wrath of the Scarlet Sword - fav.me/d8y5wn8

Trailblaze III: The King's Quest - fav.me/d9boawv

The I.C.E Award-winning Frozen fanfic - Hans: Phoenix of the Southern Isles (2014)


The Galactic Guardians Series (10 books/ 4 miniseries) (2013-2016)

1.Adventures of the Galactic Guardians: fav.me/d6pcv7r

2.War of the Galactic Guardians: fav.me/d6sqqr9

3.Quest of the Galactic Guardians: fav.me/d723hk8

3.5 Galactic Guardian Adventures: fav.me/d7b7wy9

4.Heroes of the Galactic Guardians: fav.me/d7erll6

4.5 Adventures on Arendelle: fav.me/d7hxx11

5.Dawn of the Galactic Guardians: fav.me/d7lc254

5.5 Victoria: Guardian Knight- fav.me/d7q1hq3

6.Mysteries of the Galactic Guardians: fav.me/d7xyo5m

6.5 Galactic Guardians: Insurrection - fav.me/d8ak5py

7.Return of the Galactic Guardians: fav.me/d8eeuq4

8.Flight of the Galactic Guardians: fav.me/d9jp0uq

9.Fall of the Galactic Guardians: fav.me/d9pg4ya

10.Legends of the Galactic Guardians: fav.me/da05308

The Frozen fanfic series - Royal Road Trip (2014)

Royal Road Trip: fav.me/d7sv6mo

Royal Road Trip II: fav.me/d8c3cd4

Frozen AU fanfic- Frozen Noire


Poe Tours - A prequel to Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2016)


Conspiracy - A Zootopia Fanfiction (2016)


The Last Nite Owl - A Star Wars Fanfiction (2017)


And much much more!

If you're looking for exciting stories, you've come to the right page! Long Live Imagination!

I owe every work I produce to the talents given to me by my Lord in Heaven.


YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/channel/UCinlu…

Fan Fiction Page www.fanfiction.net/u/6295541/



Righthand Reader

Best of Friends

Cover Artist:

Poster Artist:

Character Designer

Costume Designer


Dreamer's Creed

I am a dreamer,

I was born to spread joy.

I was born to succeed.

I was born to change this world.

I have a beautiful dream and possess the willpower to achieve it.

Nothing will stop me from achieving my dream.

I am powerful.

I am beautiful, inside and out.

I am missed, needed, and most of all loved.

I don't need anyone to tell me who I am.

In fact, I embrace my weaknesses and take pride in insults. They can no longer affect me.

For I know who I am, a dreamer.

My heart burns with a passion and desire for greatness.

I know that it won't be easy.

Hearts will be broken and tears will indeed be shed.

But no matter what happens...

No matter how hard it gets...

No matter how dark it gets...

No matter who walks out on me...

No matter how hopeless it seems...

I dare to swear on my most wanted dream...


And when I achieve my dream...I will chase an even BIGGER dream!

I am a dreamer! And don't you forget it, world!

The past is the past, the future is limitless, and the present glorious.

I choose to write a new chapter in my life...and it begins today!

Favourite Movies
Cloud Atlas, Frozen, Star Wars
Favourite TV Shows
Star Wars The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels, Batman
Favourite Books
Cloud Atlas
Favourite Writers
Walt Disney, Hans Christian Anderson, Jennifer Lee, Chris Buck, David Mitchell
Favourite Games
Uncharted, Star Wars Battlefront, Kingdom Hearts
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
A limitless imagination and ceaseless passion for storytelling
Other Interests
Literature, Acting, Voice Acting, Motivational Speaking, Standup Comedy,

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You've deleted the entire Galactic Guardians saga? I understand your reasons for doing so, but I'm definitely going to miss one of my favorite works of crossover fiction from you. They're my biggest source of inspiration and I'll never forget how much fun I had with the worldbuilding and lore of the series that I did back then.

That still doesn't mean I'll stop supporting you as an artist and writer. Your other works are just as spectacular and I'll keep myself posted for any new updates that may come in the future. Even though you're not as active on the site any more as you used to be, the memories we shared will always have a special place in my heart.

So my advice? Keep doing what you love and stay awesome!

Heyo Michael I have GOOD NEWS a group admin here on deviantart has made a {for the moment} sta.sh Writer tutorial on how to get the old stash writer back!

Tutorial - How to use Sta.sh Writer on DA Eclipse

I figured it could be of use to you. I know it will be of use to me.

At least, for as long as it works

Hello, my friend. I just wanted to tell you that I'm sorry to hear that you won't be posting anymore on this site, but if you're having great difficulty with the new changes, then I understand. I'm thankful for your creativity and inspiration and I hope to follow up with you and your stories on other sites. I wish we could actually meet someday and commiserate, but I will hold on to that hope for the future. Be happy, be proud, be you!

You have to see this fanart
Found Family - Elsa by AdventurousDragon96
Hey there, how are you? Have you seen Disney's Recess?
Thank you for the follow~Hug