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Dragon Ball Cosplay Contest - #2 Natasha Sazenski

Cosplayer Bio:

Name: Natasha Sazenski
Nationality: American (from ireland)
Gender: Female
Social Site: Facebook
Character: Bulma (young/DB)
Obssion: Oh gosh, Ive Loved DBZ forever! lol well atleast since i was 9, im 21 now. It wasnt the 1st Anime I ever watched but, the 1st 1 to get me into other Anime/Manga. Just fell in love with storyline an the characters mostly it takes a good character to gt me following an anime, GOKU FTW!

This photo is submitted by Natasha Sazenski, entered in the Vocaloid Cosplay Photo Contest hosted by :iconmiccostumes:.

Time for the Contest:
May 15 - June 15

Winners and Prizes:
Those who have the most “Votes” will win the contest. The number of winners depends on the number of the contestants. I.e.

1-20 contestants—1 winner
21-40 contestants–2 winners
41-60 contestants–3 winners
and so on.

Prizes: each winner will be rewarded with any costume in our cosplay store. In addition, each contestant will get a $5 cash card, which can be used for a $5 discount when purchasing in our costume store.

The voting process:
Every “Fave” or comment is counted as one vote. In addition, the organizer acts as another judge. We will govern 20 votes and vote for the top 20 contestants. I.e., the best photo (in our opinion) will get additional 20 votes, the second will get 19 votes, third 18, and so on.

How to Join?
Please send your Dragon Ball cosplay photo to our email – miccostume[@] (remove the “[]” while sending your email) :). Besides, please also send us your information listed below.

Personal or social sites:
Tell us a little about yourself and the photo, and also your obsession with Dragon Ball:

See all the participants at [link]

For more details of the contest, visit [link] .
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Bulmaaaaaa! : D
Definitely voting for this one! : D
himebanana's avatar
I vote for this one! :)
Pika-Productions's avatar
cool costume ill vote for it
Don't be a nerd.....VOTE NATASHA! B-)
i vote for natasha
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Shes by far the best bulma!!
This ones gonna win for sure :) Go Natasha!!
seanalpha's avatar
brillant work ur cosplays make ireland conventions the best all other competitors should quit
winchesterj54's avatar
you'll win for sure
DBZprincess's avatar
oh gosh *blush* well thanks so much for this lovely comment x3
julianaayu's avatar
Keep it up, Tasha!
chrisora2066's avatar
Your amazing!!!!
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Looking great Natasha. The best Bulma. ;)
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:d ah super cute~!!
julianaayu's avatar
Natasha has my vote!
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I vote for this one!
UchihaSasuna's avatar
Awesomeness as always, Natasha~ :heart:
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thx andy! thats me just made this account
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