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De Valkyrja is a concept that I am developing in my spare time. The plan is to create a series of battle-maidens type of characters, each specialises in different weapon, and in some way correspond to the image of the valkyries in Norse myth.

In my own version of story, these maidens were choosen by the temple as they were believed to be the valkyries. They were then sent to the battle field to aid the side that's favoured by the god in an indirect way -- since they are the valkyries, their presence alone could cause the rise and fall of morale to either side. As elite riders, warriors and with great team-work, they usually would manage to stay alive at the end of battle and keep up their reputation as the valkyries

Like the valkyries in the myth, they are fair and beautiful, and among them there's one who instead of a particular type of weapon, wields the infamous raven banner which is usually pure white, and only shows signs in form of a raven just before the battle to reveal which side would win the victory.

This is the first completed piece of this project.
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man !! this is super duper mega art you are making !!!! :wow:
i'm so in love with this art !!! :eager:
you are awesome artist indeed man !!! thanks for sharing :thumbsup: