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Holding a Piece of Time

By micahgoulart
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holding a piece of time in my hands... this was an amazing shot..i only how clear it was until after i downloaded the photos onto my computer. the timing was perfect and the sense of holding it in my hand was quite surreal.

i took several photos to get this one...some came close to this but not this clear. as the water fell from the roof, it formed a small pool of water in my hand and then one drop eventually hit it right in the middle, making this crown of water. it was quite simple actually. more a case of trial-and-error than anything else..and a moment's inspiration of sticking my hand out to let the water fall on it..

it was still drizzling, so the roof was dripping water at a regular interval. i timed the interval in my mind in synch with the shutter button and then voilá! . it was a mixture of luck and inspiration and a lot of errors...i must have taken 20 photos to get this one..but it's worth it.
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fabulous shot
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Great shot! I am working on web content for a charitable site for Bluefields, Nicaragua - I would like to use this photo for a water project I am working on.  What are your requirements for me to use?  Thank you!

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The title of the pic is just awesome
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Excellent timing, that's all I have to say
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amazing photo :heart:
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in that moment I could understand everything - then, it vanished
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thats a cool shot man very nice pic
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I like it. Taken from a different perspective, one could almost think that your body's water was being sucked out through your hand....you're a water bender....Idk...I'm just having fun looking at this. Thanks so much for being inspired to do this, and having the patience to wait for the perfect photo.
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this is like my second time visiting you thats an awesome pic.. but i gave never seen a deviation with so many coments it amazing man..
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well done. i had a similar situation while trying to capture lightning. i was driving one handed and snapping pics with the other. At the time my camera was low budget so i had to actually predict the lightning strikes. must have taken over 40 pictures that day but i caught the lightning one time. to this day it is still the only time i have done it.
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This is an amazing shot!
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are u kidding me? nice done bro!! :eyepopping:
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Wow! How did you get that shot?
Great photo!
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cool thats fun im kind of jelous of that shot
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Great shot, wow ^^ it looks so cool!
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Wow, amazing. Wish I could do this but it hasn't raind here in forever. :(
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Very pretty shot! Simple yet a little surreal.
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