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A Piece of Heaven

I love to photograph landscapes before sunrise. It's always a unique experience when the world awakens and you are seemingly the only person on earth to watch it. Sunsets tend to get a little more crowded with people but during sunrise in summer only few people get out of bed that early. I'm one of those :-) Even when on vacation the alarm rings every morning and I at least take a look out of the window to check the conditions.

This photo I took back in 2011 while hiking in the german alps. It was a very early start to reach this viewpoint on top of the Feldkogel Mountain but totally worth it. Below in the valley lays the Königsee covered by Fog. A beautiful view.


This photo is Copyright Michael Breitung, all rights reserved. Please don't use it without my permission.
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One of the most spectacular photos I've ever seen.
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This is great - I know exactly where it is - (or something very similar)
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This is amazing I hope I get this good someday!
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I am so jealous that you got to visit this place. Now I want to go even more.
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where's 1080 one?
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Great picture. This is a breath taking view.
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alpine! my favorite! ;)
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Breathtaking!!! I wish I had a view like this!
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Definitely with getting out of bed for! :nod: Beautifully captured scenery. :)
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Deine Bilder sind echt wunderschön, die Stimmung ist so magisch ^^
AkuDemyfan's avatar
So awesome! And fog? I thought it was ice! XD Really amazing picture!

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Wow... it's calm and awesome....
It looks really peaceful and relaxing...
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For a moment I thought it read Little Peace of Heaven (a song by Avenged Sevenfold)>
Anyways, beautiful work! Great use of colours.
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Incredible. Its hard to find words to describe such a fine piece..
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Incredible view, it truly looks like a piece of heaven Black Cat 
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