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Death and Taxes: 2009

Here is the zoomable super huge version


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It's really nice people like you make these kind of deviations I must just buy a poster to put on my wall. As soon as I work out the bloody PayPal! >.=.<
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your work was featured on, luckily I saw it was dART in the watermark. This is amazing.
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This is a brilliantly simple way to convey this massive amount of information. Thank you.
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I came across this on The original post didn't
give any credit to you. Luckily someone in the comments
section linked to your deviation to give you credit.
WAY to much work not to receive credit due.
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Amazing. The things we spend money on and not on is appalling.
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That must have took some time. Great work.
Absolutely Amazing!! I love it.
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You've been featured in my monthly solo spotlight! [link]
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Always interesting to read, even for a non-american.
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A great Idea I have make a game of it as an RPG from Stick RPG Meteo city...
this must be a huge project of how to survive in the real world as you simulate younger adults how to plan taxes of supporting the U.S. government and it's people. History Government and Humanology and Support, if you REALLY want to support the government start as an construction worker, build more houses farm produce, healthcare treatment life security protection human service etc.
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I'd add a comment, but then the alphabet agencies would know that I looked at this ... doh!
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once again fantastic. out of intrest id love to know what "cross agency support" is in NASA and why it got +777% funding lol
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I have this hanging on my wall. Kinda wish I'd have bought a frame for it. :/
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instafave! i digg these. always very very well done!
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It's great that you do this! This really goes to show the big picture of all that's happening VISUALLY. Instead of just headlines in the news or articles that go unnoticed.
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wow, that looks like it took a lot of work, planning, patience, and many many headaches. good job. for me the breakdown of the penny really get you thinking about where all your money goes.
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thanks, it takes about 2 months of working around the clock to complete.
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Damn, how many people work on it?
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