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Bubbles and Acid Rain by MiatskiKuromia Bubbles and Acid Rain :iconmiatskikuromia:MiatskiKuromia 0 21 New Icon by MiatskiKuromia New Icon :iconmiatskikuromia:MiatskiKuromia 0 0 EMOTES OF DOOM by MiatskiKuromia EMOTES OF DOOM :iconmiatskikuromia:MiatskiKuromia 3 0 FINALS WARNING. by MiatskiKuromia FINALS WARNING. :iconmiatskikuromia:MiatskiKuromia 0 0
Reality Rant
I always liked reading
Fiction actually, never touched the non-fiction section
As silly as it sounds whenever I found a new book
It was like finding a train ticket to another world
An escapepod from reality
A window in a dank dark room
And as I got older reading became the virtual world of the internet
I could become whoever I wanted to be on there, without people judging my appearence
I could create my own "world", without the need for the "ticket"
Thus books became slightly less relevent to me
and there are times where the virtual world...felt...feels more real than the world outside my window
Scary no?
In anycase I suppose the only reason I liked reading and virtual worlds
Was because I didn't...dont like reality
Didn't like the reality that
I was practically blind
I was practically friendless
I was practically invisible
...Yeah I know. Stupid cliches. But its true.
And yeah, things are different...but then things also stay the same.
And surprisingly enough there were...are times I
:iconmiatskikuromia:MiatskiKuromia 2 5
Inner Me.
I feel small.
Very very small.
I've been hiding in my room for so long.
So many years.
Slowly building a shell around me.
A illusion of a world around me.
A world that existed of four walls and an escape.
A virtual world where anything could happen.
Where I could be who ever I wanted to be.
Sixteen. I'm just sixteen.
I repeated it like a mantra when I burst into tears a few days ago.
I want that world back.
That happy place.
That fake, safe place.
But at the same time I don't.
He broke it.
He broke the shell and let the light in.
He made the four walls crumble.
The happy image is gone.
Now four comforting safe walls have changed.
Now a cage.
Empty and alone.
The world seems so big now.
What am I going to do?
Where am I going to go?
The sands of time is slipping through my fingers so quickly now.
Where did my childhood go?
Where did middle school go?
Four years. only four more.
Then I'll hit the age that I always considered an adult.
I'm not an adult.
No where near it.
:iconmiatskikuromia:MiatskiKuromia 0 0
Coffee Warning Wallpaper by MiatskiKuromia Coffee Warning Wallpaper :iconmiatskikuromia:MiatskiKuromia 0 7 Skull Wallpaper by MiatskiKuromia Skull Wallpaper :iconmiatskikuromia:MiatskiKuromia 5 42 Warning of Randomness by MiatskiKuromia Warning of Randomness :iconmiatskikuromia:MiatskiKuromia 1 9 Domo Warning by MiatskiKuromia Domo Warning :iconmiatskikuromia:MiatskiKuromia 5 15
Sky Diving
From that first initial leap into the sky
The air roaring past your ears
Your hair whipping around you and behind you
Suspended yet dropping through the wind and air
You can barely tell your moving
An exhiliration beyond compare
An adrenaline rush that goes off the charts
And in that brief moment
That brief split second
Where your heart leaps in your throat
Then drops into your toes.....
Your Flying.
:iconmiatskikuromia:MiatskiKuromia 1 0
Zombie Day
Ever had one of those days were your just questioning your existance?
Why your here
What your doing?
Like everythings going in slow motion
Like your in your own bubble of existance and your just watching the world go by
Your minds just blank and you feel numb
You find yourself just staring at nothing with a downcast or blank expression
You don't even realize it till someone shatters it and askes you "Are you ok?"
And of course you put the mask back up hurriedly sayin your fine
But are you?
Are you ok?
What is ok?
What is fine?
You feel like you just want to curl up on yourself
To lay down and never get up
To let the world go on without you
So tired
your wide awake
Your just in a daze
people you see and talk to everyday
A mass of faces and names
Your body is on autopilot
You don't know what your doing
Where your going
There talk is a buzzing in your ear
The music from your ipod the only thing that makes sense to you
The minute you pause it
It like your deaf
:iconmiatskikuromia:MiatskiKuromia 1 8
Standing strong through the wind and cold
Tall and silent yet so many stories unfold
Beautiful to look at but dangerous to climb
But the right to say i have is mine
Rocks, loose soil, and roots everywhere you step
No human could climb that mountain without breaking a sweat
Many times i wanted to quit
And just say "This is it"
To say "Enough! I want to stop"
But deep down i know i want to reach the top
So i climb and climb till my legs are sore
But everyone tells me "Just a little bit more"
I slip and fall again and again
Who on earth said nature was your friend
Heart racing, legs shaking, my heart felt like it stopped
When someone said to me "You've reached the top"
The view was beautiful, so worth the climb and the right to say i did it is mine
But now as i sit here and think with a frown it hits me...
I still have to climb all the way back down
:iconmiatskikuromia:MiatskiKuromia 1 2
Rain Dancer
The rain pours down on the street
It comes down making a unique beat
It pounds relentlessly on the ground
An unseen drum beating out its sound
Bare feet slap at the wet earth
Spraying water in wide a girth
Thunder and lightning over her head
Dancing ever so lightly even with the wet weighing like lead
Her skirt flowing like the rain around her
Droplets flying from her long hair as it whips around her
Little rivers running down her skin and face
A content expression on her face as she dances all over the place
A wind ripples through the air
As she dances without a care
And in the garden where she danced
Moving fluidly almost like in a trance
The raindrops glistening on the flowers
Shining with the sunlight that peaks through making the thunder cower
And as the storm finally ends and the clouds clear away
The rain dancer does not stay
And if your quick you'll catch a glimpse of her retreating form
But don't worry...she'll be back for the next storm
:iconmiatskikuromia:MiatskiKuromia 1 2
Your Love...
Being in love with you is like a rose
Theres two parts to it as everyone knows
And as i stand here my heart tattered and torn
They see that she got the flower and I got the thorn
:iconmiatskikuromia:MiatskiKuromia 0 0
Old Man Winter
Why do you howl old man winter?
Why do your winds blow so hard?
What has angered you old man winter?
And disturbed you in your wintery yard?
Is it because the child of spring is coming?
Is it because your reign is almost done?
Is it because oh mighty lord winter.
In your frozen heart you know she brings with her the sun?
You blow against the house and shake the trees.
The the windows shake, the house moans.
White and silver all the eye sees.
Yet you grow quiet old man winter
As the clock ticks on
Are you giving up old man winter?
Have you finally finished your wintery song?
Are you retiring old man winter?
Will you disappear with the morn?
Shall the skies weep for you old man winter?
As you leave so forlorn?
Or is it old man winter...
You simply wished to show your power in
:iconmiatskikuromia:MiatskiKuromia 1 0

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United States
This is me.
I'm random
I'm a writer
I know that half of you just went ECK. ENGLISH. IT BURNS.
I'm a tad crazy with my really good friends
I'm a bit cold shouldered and withdrawn with newbs
I'm a bit shy and naive at times
I'm a bit raunchy and blunt as well
I'm a bit short tempered and a firecracker
I'm (told at least) also sweet (when I wanna be)

I love: Reading, Writing, Drawing, Acting, Being with friends, Making people laugh, Hugs, Music, Anime etc.

So there ya go. A small glance at Moi.

Current Residence: My room as I am unable to move out just yet
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium to large...i like to see what im looking at thank you
Print preference: Medium to large again
Favourite genre of music: ....see above
Favourite photographer: see above
Favourite style of art: ooo thats a hard one, abstract, manga, anything that catches my eye really
Operating System: Windows Vista HATE IT
MP3 player of choice: Ipod Nano 2003
Shell of choice: Still don't know what that means
Wallpaper of choice: Enjoy designing my own but anything really
Skin of choice: .....something abstracty that catches the eye
Favourite cartoon character: Couldn't chose
Personal Quote: "Whats up" "That way." (im a wise ass ^^;)
[This is eons old and I don't know why I keep it. Meh, I'll just update the picture.]

I just watched the above video. And I can say I have never been so ticked off at my own ignorance. This guy's been around for ages. YEARS. And nobody did a ******* thing! It takes one click, ONE CLICK PLEASE Take the time to watch this video and learn what the buzz is about if you don't know. I want this name to circulate so much in the world people get so sick of hearing it that they DO something. Even if to make it go away.

Because I don't know about you, but I'm not stopping until Dec 31st.

This MONSTER needs to get put away and put away now.

Reblog, text, email, facebook, twitter, get the word out there.

Let our government know WE CARE.

What if it was your kids? Your siblings? Your friends?

Wouldn't you want someone to care too?


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