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Project Comment Critiques -- 2018
14 June 2018:

Winged folk are the best! (Mine are Daine, and they don't wear shoes as a matter of course. This girl will get used to the discalced life eventually!)
I like the pose and especially her facial expression! I don't know how to fix it, but the execution of her pose looks a little off: her legs seem to be sticking out at odd angles and appear two dimensional. The overall style, I'm sure you'd agree, is one of simple strokes and less detail. (Not a complaint or criticism!) If you ever decide on a more detailed version (and I hope you do!), her feathers could certainly do with some detailing: veins, not so smooth edges, differences in coloration.
I can't quite make out what that is in front of her. Or is it a fire!? It seems tiny in comparison to her and like it was just plopped on the grassy background. The grass around a fire should be flattened out a bit. There should be random branches and bits of kindling nearby, and perhaps her fire starting kit?
:iconelemtilas:elemtilas 1 2
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Computer is revived. Genuine question to those who follow me. If I started art streaming again would anyone be interested in watching? I want to know so I can decide to start scheduling bi-weekly streams.
The computer that has photoshop and can run it has lost a vital cooling fan, so it overheats and shuts off before even reaching the start-up screen... Bah. 
Yaretzi Ne-Adahlia [Reference Sheet]
Yaretzi Ne-Adahlia. To avoid any confusion on the matter of her name I would like to take note of how this homebrew race of lizardfolk, known as chlaloc, tend to present their names. Unlike most names who put their given names before their surnames, the Chlaloc [Cl-aw-luc] do the opposite, addressing the family name first is a common courtesy among these very conservative and hidebound reptiles when addressing them by their full names. So when an acquaintance or stranger addresses her they would say Ne'Adahlia, while close or otherwise more intimate relationships may simply drop the prefix and call her Adahlia. However, the woman prefers to go by the alias Adonis instead of her true name, a habit of paranoia that was birthed by her profession.  

That explanation aside, meet Adonis, a chlaloc subspecies modeled off the blue-tailed skink and referred to as the Tzrekloa [Tre-clo-ah]. The only subspecies to possess and produce offspring with blue tails - though if their mates are of another subspecies that blue fades in vibrancy with each generation. The bright, vivid color not only makes the females a prime choice for reproduction but makes them fairly distinct if found in an area where they are not commonly populated. Prized as the females are for the breeding program that is the focal point of chlaloc society, the males are always excluded due to their inferior genes. Not only are males half the size of females but can't stand up straight and are prone to illnesses due to an inferior immune system. While Adonis is a fairly average female of her kind, she is very small and delicate-looking compared to most other chlaloc breeds.

Adonis makes her living as an assassin, using her slender form and natural inclination for stealth to become one of the most infamous figures within the underworld of Galadar and the Cochinei Fiefdoms, which are the allied chlaloc and human countries of this world.  Adonis' perfectionist paranoia is what ultimately lead her to don the moniker of 'Haunt' while on a job, covering herself head to toe in leathers and a mask to hide her bright tail and mask her feminine form - masquerading as a male in order to throw off suspicion. After all, no one would suspect a woman when they are too busy searching for a wanted man. When not putting on the act of Haunt, Adonis lives her life as a young noblewoman left orphaned by the deaths of fictional parents. Because of her antisocial behavior and distaste for social events, her neighbors began considering her a shy shut-in who simply sits on her inheritance money and remains cooped up in her home. One neighbor, in particular, a general's daughter by the name of Tenacalt Pav-Hetra, often barges into her home to drag her out to noble social events. Much to Adonis' dismay.

As disciplined and professional she is in regards to her wetwork, Adonis is fairly short tempered and is quick to fall back on intimidation and violence to settle most of her problems. Most of the time she remains aloof and unreadable, annoyed by most things and disinterested in anything else. The only time you'd see her smiling and approachable is if she's brawling or over-indulging on intoxicants. It is only in her frequented dives filled with lowlifes and miscreants that she is able to feel the freedom of being herself. Should there come times where she must participate social affairs, she embraces the rumors that are whispered about her, playing the part of a quiet and bashful introvert in the midst of snide and chiding chlaloc nobles.

[Sidenote: The colors there are only as placeholders for the sketch, it's not her real palette.]


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