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I actually need this amount of Points in express, so if you wanna support me, it will be so much appreciated with a bunch of love from me in return! ♥♥♥♥♥♥ :aww:

Thanks! ^^

Lovegoods Stamp by L3xil3in (because i love the way they're dancing XD )

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stream over, thanks for watching y'all! :heart: ~
PA .:Mister Balloons With A Fine Mustache:.
~KO-FI PAGEMy Facebook My Instagram My Tumblr~

Tried Procreate App yesterday . This app offers interesting tools as it lacks some basics(unless you know how to find a tool doing perfect circles or geometrical forms). I am not so so liking how the stabilizer is in procreate, but i am adaptable! I find some tools very great for logos or enamel pins designs like I tried to do for fun here. First try tho, be kind to me!! xD Sadly, I don't rly own the ipad here so i ignore when i could have the chance to repractice on it, meanwhile, i could easily do the same thing on MediBang or Paint Tool SAI if i deeply wish to... (And yes, eventually one day i would love to maybe start either a nintendo or naruto themed kickstarter, we will see.. 👀 )

I believe my lines could be more thin in the inside and more thick on the outside in my next tries on mini designs like this!

I am basically someone who used to do more digital before, nowadays, im trying to balance both! But ofc i stay charmed by traditional arting, to me its more fun and relaxing!! Enjoy!

If you like my works and want to support me, you can support me with a Ko-Fi! Link is above in the text! Each donation is deeply appreciated!~ :heart:

~KO-FI PAGEMy Facebook My Instagram My Tumblr~

Here's a chibi mitsuki I completed this morning to fight my eternal artblock, enjoy ;^;

If you like my works and want to support me, you can support me with a Ko-Fi! Link is above in the text! Each donation is deeply appreciated!~ :heart:

*Made with;
-Kurecolors Alcohol Markers
-Micron 005 Ink Pen
-White 08 Gelly Pen
-Drawn on Derwent 4x6 Bristol paper
~KO-FI PAGEMy Facebook My Instagram My Tumblr~

My entry for Phiachuu 's #dtiys from Instagram! Trying different eyes shapes here and here depending of the expression and type of character. I explore more techniques too, getting more and more used to ecoline watercolors, combined with my usual watercolors. My lineart was perfect, and i have still a lots to learn about coloring! Minor accident near the eye but did my best to fix it :P

Accepting each piece of art you do lead to progress, and eventually, improvement. So I'll keep it up! Enjoy! .3.

I'll go do some fanarts now... 0:

If you like my works and want to support me, you can support me with a Ko-Fi! Link is above in the text! Each donation is deeply appreciated!~ :heart:

*Made with;
-Ecoline Liquid Watercolors
-Micron 005 Ink Pen
-White 08 Gelly Pen
-Drawn on Starthmore VISION 6x9 Watercolour paper
Hey..., writing this journal won't be easy for me... but here we go about my life news... Understands... :/

There is good and bad news, sadly there's more bad than good i guess.... but i hope the good things will come at me in the future, so the why my hopes are still here concerning my own situation. I will separate that all clear;

The Bad news about me:

First, around one year ago, I started to develop the worse art blocks ever, making me not able to draw AT ALL, I also realized that I can't tolerate drawing looking at the computer screen anymore unless I try hard, but it hurts my eyes and gives me the worst headaches ever now....which really ruined me for the rest of the year, cuz it got worse, no joke, and realizing all that made me so sad and stressed me so much, you have no idea how much...  Despite that issue, I was able to complete some commissions I owe, but with time and difficulties, but the effort is here... Which explains why I closed my Commissions a long time ago already, I only have the last ones to finish now even with my issues, i have to finish them, I can't fail at it.

I'm won't go deep in details concerning my life situation, but then in November I entered in a sort of depression combined with anxiety that got worse which kinda made me always in a bad and crisis mood, like 80% of the time, plus some shit going in and on in my life which was making it worse... And at some times, this was making me cry.... 

I never believed I could become like that one day, I used to be strong mentally, and still am... but somewhere inside of us I figure we have our weak side. 

The Good News About Me:
Now that I learned that I must accept and deal with the fact I can be a depressive and very anxious person now today, as 2017 started, things got a bit better on my side, gradually, and I learned to deal with my life issues. So! I'm aware I can have ups and downs kinda often :/ ... I never wished to stop drawing, never, I was continuing to doodle weekly when I had the time... I had to find a solution, which I found few alternatives, my sister got into watercolouring and started getting the material to make watercolors.... I was watching her trying watercolor and viewing some interesting tutorials, so with the time, she influenced me to do so, then my mom gifted me my first watercolor set and my sis also helped me to get more material which i very appreciate the support♥ . So I started to make my first watercolors, that ended up to be a christmas gift for her. which, surprisingly, is my fave watercolor piece i've made so far.

What made me go further into watercoloring, is that it relaxes me, no stress... really, and I never had so much pleasure to do it like before, I have no headaches and no eyes burning by doing them... Except that I needed time to learn before starting. :nod:

And the more watercolors I was creating, the further I want to go.... so.. I guess in a way, I am finding precisely what my true passion is? Well, we have only have one life, so I want to live it with what lights me deep in my heart. If I do something that doesnt makes me happy during my whole life, never I'll be happy and motivated I guess...

So this is looking like I'm going more back into traditional Arts yah(like in my teens years)... and that I put the Digital ``Arting`` on hold for an undetermined time, I'm not about to say I'm completly stopping to make digital arts, but I sure will stop digital arts for commissions, Art-Trades, etc, forever... Ofc I will finish those listed on my To-Do List as promised. I can't forget them, I am aware of it more than you think. :,( 

Maybe in the future, Ill make more digital artworks for my own pleasure i guess? Who knows.... I might surprise at the most uexpected moments >o<
 Having Already a facebook page, tumblr and Twitter, I also started my Instagram at the beginning of 2017 I guess, and I rly like it! As I'm someone using more my cellphone than a Desktop, I really like it!, so you will see me very active here, posting all and nothing hehehe :D

As I'm also starting to work more and more on watercolouring, I guess I am finally confident enough to restart posting on AGAIN? oh damn, idk why but it scares me, but I will take the courage and let my shyness going away :,/, 
I believe some of my arts really deserves to be shared to you guys as well! >:0

So In my future Posts, I warn you, but as every artists, our skills improves, changes, so be prepared to see that my art skills a bit changed with the time. But as long as I'm satisfied with what I do, I guess it's right? awwh man, Im so the unsure kind neeking to be reassured about my arts eh... :,S

I also will post Original Arts combined with fan Arts depending on my mood ^^
Who knows, I may become a great painter...! ~(uhh shut up mia, youre not good enough to dare to say this so early... >: ( *please guys, slap my negative mind...*)

AND TO FINISH, *breathes*, I ... I... HAVE OPENED MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL, I will share you guys SpeedPaints videos on youtube now! Isn't it great? If yes, come and subscribe, I would appreciate so much odihfughodkcthdifuhfxisyjhxfkis *cries and breath with joy*! =>…

My Channel is in construction, so forgive me ! >w< ♥



I think I have resumed one year of my life in this journal, so I guess it's normal it was a long one.... Despite everything, I hope you understand me, dear lovely watchers.... It wasnt easy to write but I felt the need to write to you all this, cuz I dont want you think I left DA forever... neno... In fact I was checking my messages when I can.. o:

So Now I might spam you guys with few activity Feeds msgs to share with you where u can also finds me arting on other social websites..! And I hope you will support me guys *hugs* :,D

hey... finally i think i had more GOOD news than Bad news, right? :3

Have a nice day! 



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ID's drawn by Mayasacha (The existence of this drawing is a honor, I LUV IT !!! :heart: )


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