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this gif has been sitting on my drafts for days
irrelevant title is irrelevant lol
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me:*realizes life*
me:  screaming by MiaowKat
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screaming screaming screaming screaming screaming screaming screaming screaming screaming screaming screaming screaming screaming screaming screaming screaming screaming 
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This is beautiful 
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lol ikr!screaming screaming screaming screaming screaming screaming screaming      screaming screaming screaming screaming screaming what 
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When a yandere or a typical bully comes and takes you.... screaming 
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omg what is this from i need to watch this
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this is me on school
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now im lying on the cold hard ground-
screaming by MiaowKat
screaming by MiaowKat
trouble, trouble ,trouble
*Angry Toriel Intensifies* *Angry Toriel Intensifies* *Angry Toriel Intensifies* 
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Lol ikr i dunno why asriel is there XD
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This is me when I see a spider
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This and Jungkook´s spasm is me whenever they accomplish something BTS V Taehyung magic spirit fingers derp face 
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i want this as my icon
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This is probably me fangirling lol
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same taehyung same
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