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Playful Kiss: Faint

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me when theres a 700 page exam due in one hour

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When winter break is over
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When I see back to school commercials 
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everyone reaction  to this
and now back to battling seizure robots
this gif
me and everyone: Playful Kiss: Faint I'm Dead Ratchet faints (PSASBR Emoticons) Seizure Bob has Rabies SEIZURE WARNING Fainting Toy Freddy Chat Icon Faint 
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When I check my messages and get all anxious and find out that it is my friend
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me when i lost connection to a roblox game with my friends Playful Kiss: Faint 
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me if Mephone4S come's back
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That moment when you suddenly lost internet connection.
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but in roblox
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yeah especially for those who study online.
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When you see a spider, you go back to get a swatter, you come back and it's gone
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Omg I finished this drama
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When they pushed back Attack on Titan for another year Playful Kiss: Faint  
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When you get back from an exhausting day at school
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