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Aww, grabbing it!  So adorable!
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When you realize that your favourite anime character that has been dead for years is coming back Kitty Glasses   
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when you see someone eating cheetos in front of you
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Kitty Glasses When you hear your family talking about what you like. 
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when you hear someone talking smack about you Kitty Glasses Kitty Glasses 
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When your getting good grades in P.E but you cant run because ur too tired
 Kitty Glasses  Kitty Glasses Kitty Glasses Kitty Glasses Kitty Glasses Kitty Glasses Kitty Glasses Kitty Glasses Kitty Glasses 
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i am new how do i put them in the comment section please help
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Click + Add Media and type whatever emoticon you wanna put.
Example: type "undertale" and click one emoticon or more (for example(i typed "undertale"): Temmie Emoticon Icon Gif 2 - Undertale)
Official Emoticons are emoticons that DeviantArt made. Like this one: deviantART. Community Emoticons are emoticons that deviants made. I'm just gonna say that the example is the Undertale emoticon that I put a while ago.
I hope that helped you!onion yep 
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why yes,thank youThicc Boi  
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"I'll kill you to kill him so no one has to die."  Kitty Glasses by MiaowKat  
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Excuse meh? You callin me stupida? XD 
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Kitty Glassesexcuse me sir,but the litter box is THAT way.

filthy humans 
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SHIRO CAT! :heart: 

Must love him!
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Kitty Glasses excuse me but we are in a meeting so plz shush
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Imma make this my icon
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Excuse me ma'am but I would like a FULL bowl of milk and tummy tickles NOT 3/4 full and 1 less tummy tickle!Kitty Glasses 
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Kitty Glasses  xuse me sur do u mind moving away from de lava 
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When Silvercat711 said she controls the Greek Army. (It's a Hetalia reference. Know it, RythmColors?)

Kitty Glasses Lemme tell you why you're wrong.


When Summer says England's scones are good.

Kitty Glasses Say what!?

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Lol this was posted long ago but yes I get the reference XD Man, I need to go back to Hetalia
My new account is :iconazunon:
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