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lol this is funny XD

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Gasp by MiaowKat me when i am allowed to eat cheese
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but lactose intolerant
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When I find out that soriel is canon Gasp 
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When Adrienette is confirmed.
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When I asked several anime lovers about Shaman King adn they don't know it: Gasp Gasp Gasp Gasp Gasp  OH NO THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT ITS IS!!! NO NO NO!!! Human Rarity icon Tip (gasp) Inside Out Reaction Icon: Fear fainting GIF *faints* Fainting Bakura icon Isuzu Faint Icon Fainting Toy Freddy Chat Icon 
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when you forget your backpack at the last day of school Gasp 
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when I forgot somthing:Gasp
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When a commission/request you ask for is 1000% better than you anticipated: Gasp 
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When you bust a nut and she keep sucking Gasp 
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When art comes out like you want Gasp 
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my Reaction When People say they DON'T know what a Transformer is Gasp 
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i don't know it too lol
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he saw dat booty walk by
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My reaction of people saying they don't watch Markiplier or Jacksepticeye: Gasp 
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"Hold on! Are those shoes on sale?!!"
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