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August 31, 2020
Magic by MiAngelart
Featured by Moonbeam13
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There is a mini video on my instagram where you can see glitter and gold acrylic sparkle.
Tools: watercolor, ink, glitter, gold acrylic, white acrylic.
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Is it magic? Or is the raccoon merely very deft with her little paws?

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This is super fun 👏
ChristopherGHinson's avatar

Very cute and well executed!!! Excellent!!

oriiquari's avatar

Little alchemist!! Love this piece

ScorpionKing817's avatar
Love all the simple details you put into this piece
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LightinLyn's avatar

wow very sparkly

GeaAusten's avatar

Everything in this looks incredible, wonder what kind of magic potion the raccoon is making and what for?

ariya-sacca's avatar

That looks very magical indeed!

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When meeko nukes the ceral in the microwave-
AdoniV's avatar
Knowing that lil shit he would
Tortured-Rune's avatar
XD or Pocohantas is giving him magic
suvarov's avatar

Magic or a super-charged bowl of rice krispies

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Leharc--BlueHeart's avatar

Who gave this raccoon permission to do magic >n>

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Seeoahtlahmakaskay ( Or at least She didn't deny permission. Actually, that masked one most likely didn't bother asking.

Leharc--BlueHeart's avatar

oh i didn't realize this was from a comic

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