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The Sleeping Goblin Guard

Acrylic paint on A5 paper

Here's a little painting I did this week of a goblin guard who fell asleep on his watch. I like the general atmosphere and I don't feel too many weird errors have crept in. The rats are my favourite( as always) not only because I like rats but because it was so easy. Didn't even do a sketch or something I just painted it on. Not something I would do normally but after having had rats for several years I feel pretty comfortable with them.  I left the background pretty simple and I'm happy with that decision. One thing I didn't do but might add later on are the ropes holding the wood of the pallisade together.
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Very well done! This is a very interesting and very out of the box concept. I included it in my blog. [link]
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Cool, I replied some more over there!
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I saw. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thought provoking is what I'm aiming for.
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Yeah, I agree, the atmosphere is wonderful :) I like the light and this small roof. Really nice work!
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Thank you :) I'm pleased with the roof aswell