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deviantART Logo Proposal

deviantART Logo Proposal

So here it is. Everything and anything I have to say about the design is in the explanation above. The bottom line:

Before starting any sketching, Ryan Ford's criteria were thoroughly read twice. I agreed with all the concepts and ideas put forth by the criteria; the job at hand was to put them into use in a new way. The research was done, the ideas formed, the sketches sketched. After hours of drafting, the end result is one that is bold, legible, catchy, and simply attractive. Transcending the various details and elements of the logo is its overall personality, the character and feel that is generated as a whole. The first impression of such a logo needs to be professional, confident, and mature. Which is exactly what this logo is designed to be.

Enjoy, any input is greatly appreciated.
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can I use your logo proposal with some modifications as logo for my fintech startup? It is called "", providing knowledge and services for private investors to survive the next crash with their long-term investments.

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Good Work... Thanks,. :)
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This one would've made a lot of sense.
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I really wish this could be the logo instead of exzisting one... :/
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Hi, can I use this logo concept as an alternative to classic green dA logo in my new dA fix plugin?
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It still needs some green.
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This looks way better. It's more "modern" than the old logo, and it makes more sense than the current logo at a glance.
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I just love this. Nothing more to say.
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Can we use this instead of the frickin' Z?
knightmonx's avatar
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All the sudden, this logo makes even more sense than what we have now :O
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I like your logo and think it fits well with the old logo's feel. The one thing that I think would make yours better would be to connect the top section of the A together. It would create the same continuity found in the bottom right corner of the D. I think it would increase readability and make your logo more visually pleasing. You'd maintain your "edginess" even if the line was gone. It would also fit better with the typeface.
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This is spectacular.
calamity-casey's avatar
Better than what we have now
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gorgeous design! i wish they would have gone with something like this.
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Cool Logo, better then the new one.
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Nice work,
You can also find Free PSD Logo Templates renewed daily here:
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this is amazing O_O cool logo!!
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It's cool but the original logo is so classic... but yet again IT LOOKS SO COOL! I'm at a stalemate... I may cry...
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Great, i like how the letters "conncect"
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where i can get that logo??,please :),
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